October 13, 2012

just life

I'm exhausted. Physically, emotionally, mentally, did I say mentally? Big sigh. I have literally been running a rat race lately and I feel like its starting to show in my face and my tense shoulders. Lets see....

*we let B quit gymnastics  -when it came time to make the 20 min drive, she didn't want to go and I wanted those 2 hours to get stuff done (and the next payment was due which I wasn't eager to pay knowing my daughter's less than enthusiastic feeling on the issue). So, there it is, after a month or so of gymnastics we're big ol' quitters over here!

*dinner, dinner has been good for the most part, I hardly cooked this past week b/c we literally had something every.single.night. (well, except for Thursday, I made carnitas but by "made" I mean I heated the meat and warmed some tortillas). I did make this Indian Chicken Curry last week and it was delish! It says "easy" I don't know that I'd say it was easy, it wasn't rocket science or anything but it took a good hour to make and I had to bust out my immersion blender (which I bought for $1 at a yard sale -score!). There isn't an Indian restaurant in all of Waco so its nice to make the extra effort sometimes, but be warned if you're going to give it a whirl!

*house stuff, well, after 10 years of wanting one, cutting out pictures in magazines and putting them in my dream folder its FINALLY happening, I'M GETTING A FARM SINK IN MY KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally can't contain my excitement about this! I HATE my sink, its cheap looking, gets super hot on the edges in the summer thus burning your writs as you do dishes, etc. and its just plain hideous! My gracious father-in-law is coming down next month to install it and I am GIDDY! At this point the massive sink is sitting in my entry way and the granite guy came and ripped off a piece of my counter top to try and match it for a strip we'll need behind the sink (which he's warned me will likely be quite difficult) so our house is officially under construction! Its going to be a big pain I think (sorry Doug!) but I CANNOT WAIT for the outcome!! AND we'll get to have Doug and Kemi here along with cousin Mike for Thanksgiving -FUN!! In other projects, the bathroom window treatment is done and is being installed on Tuesday! I'm SO happy to check one more of those off the list! Still 10 to go -ugh! (#whyarewindowtreatmentssodarnexpensive?!)

*Brennan's birthday party planning is well underway! I feel like I have a good handle on things which is nice, but I'm eager for momsie to get here to help out!! 18 more days! I can't believe my baby is almost 6 -SIX!!! It sounds old, doesn't it?!! She lost 2 teeth on her bottom row which are starting to grow in, crazy how fast these things happen!

*stuff, next week is giving me anxiety, we have at least one thing every night. It's all fun, good stuff, just a lot...and at once. I'm just trying to take deep breaths and one day at a time. I really love this time of year, just wish it wasn't so busy.

Okay, since this post is a hodge podge, why not add some hodge podge photos to the mix?

*Friday night lights (our first Texas HS football game last Friday), British Jon made a cake, random pics from the fair w/ friends, for mi casa last week it was Mitchell's bday so we grilled per his request, the Indian chicken referenced above, a photo of my favorite time of day



Anonymous said...

It all sounds wonderful (but busy)...take a deep breath and rest when you can:)
that recipe loooks tasty - momsie might want to try that? Can't wait to see you all and be a part of B's party!

Katie said...

You didn't mention the 20 minute drive when you were weighting the quit/no-quit gymnastics decision before! That's a trek.