October 25, 2012

this crazy time

Well, its been crazy around here that's for sure. We've pretty much had something every night for I don't know how long but I feel like we've managed to keep our heads above water and have a good handle on things (B may disagree with me here, esp since I forgot to put her library book in her backpack for library day -oops!). All in all, we're trucking along! Tonight Brennan is cheering at her school's football game, she has been going to "cheer camp" this week so it will be fun to watch her out there on the field!

My sister comes into town this weekend! She hasn't been to Waco so it will be fun to show her around and give her a glimpse into our lives here. Sunday she heads out and we head to Austin to have our family photos taken and to get a yummy dinner to celebrate Adam's birthday! Adam turns 36 on Monday so of course his yellow cake with cream cheese frosting is on the agenda. :) Its going to be a busy but fun weekend, looking forward to it! Brennan turns 6 next week so I've my work cut out for me! As always, taking a deep breath and diving in!

If the ol' blog is quiet for the next week, know that I'm in survival mode! But keep checking in, I'm hoping to have a few things blogged! I will leave you with a sneak peek from this fun mini session, more to come! xo



Kelly said...

Can't wait to see this year's Winn Family Photos!

Robin said...

What a great picture!

Thanks for keeping us posted on your blog.... I enjoy hearing about what's up with you. Now I'm curious about the theme of B's birthday party.