October 4, 2012

thoughts and quitting and/or thoughts on quitting

Thursdays are the days when B has gymnastics. Adam and I take turns taking B which is nice, today is my day "off." I get the house to myself for 2 hours, the introvert in me gets GIDDY when this time comes. Now that I'm with people 24/7 I'm exhausted. Plain.wiped.out. So now I have a few minutes to sit and breath and its divine. I'll take this time to share some randomness and to ask your thoughts on some things. Lets see, the fall is here! Today is 90 degrees in Waco but on Saturday its going to be 63!! Sweet! I'm really looking forward to some cooler weather, it'll feel sooo nice after months of heat! I officially booked our photo shoot for my family this year, yay! Last year we drove all the way to Abilene, this year, we're driving to Austin, not as far and I'm always looking for any excuse to go to Austin! Now I just have to figure out what we're going to wear...ugh, every year I dred that part! I'm hopeful that this year we'll actually get our photos in time for Christmas cards! Fingers crossed! What else....oh, weight loss update, I'm down 11lbs, 16 more to go (which seems impossible) but slow and steady is the name of the game here! Speaking of pounds, which leads me to food, dinner has been going well! I'm trying a new Indian dish tonight, will let you know how it turns out! What else......................oh, I broke my blender the other night, that was a huge bummer. I looked online for repair options, ended up watching some youtube videos on how to fix it and so I just ordered the part! If this works, I'm gonna be pretty proud of myself, I'm SO bad with things like this! Stay tuned. :) What else............hmmm, that may be it actually (we're really exciting around here, what can I say?).

Okay, so here's my question: B has been wanting to do gymnastics for a while now, we finally signed her up a month or so ago and she told me yesterday she didn't want to do it anymore b/c it hurts her legs when she has to do the splits. Okay so that wasn't really a question but here's the question for real: is it okay to let her quit?!! I really feel like she needs to keep going and give it more of a try before throwing in the towel...right?! I mean, we've paid the fees, bought the outfits, etc.. Right?!! I don't want to force her to do something she doesn't like, or spend/waste the money if she hates it but I also don't want to teach her that its okay to quit just b/c something is a little hard. So, what are your thoughts?? Adam asked how long I planned to have her go and I said I wasn't sure but we both think she needs to stick it out for a while. Thoughts? If so, I'd love to hear 'em! (I remember not liking gymnastics for the same reason when I was little...when did you let me quit, mom?!) :)

I hope everyone has a good weekend! We are going to a high school football game with some friends, I have a couple shoots, and I'm surprising Adam by taking him on a date! Looking forward to it. :) What are ya'll up to? Whatever it is, hope its fabulous! xo


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure Grandmas (at least this one!) would give the best advice in this "department". Hillory might have some words of wisdom since she's had a fair amount of experience with gymnastics - as a gymnast and a coach.

Grandma Kemi

Meredith said...

I remember loving gymnastics as a kid, but ultimately (at like 7) had to quit because it was too painful to do a back walkover... the coaches ultimately said my body wasn't build for gymnastics. I hated hearing it, but it also meant I didn't have to try to do the painful stuff anymore. I still stood on my head for hours on end after that and would get these hour long nose bleeds... but that's another story.

B really might not be that flexible, so the pain could be very real to her. I can't give you advice as a mother, but if you want her to try sticking it out, maybe ask the coach if there are stretches at home you could do with her to work on her flexibility. Stretching can do wonders if we just give the body a little time to warm up to it.

Anonymous said...

If a certain amount of lessons and/or weeks have been prepaid, I would tell her she had to continue at least for that amount of time.
I'm remembering your piano lessons - I know, NOT a good memory for either of us. Maybe that may help in your decision.
I love you,

Kelly said...

I agree that it sounds reasonable to make her continue for as long as fees have been paid. To me, that sends the message that we've committed and don't want to waste money. Also, it does take time to figure out whether we like something and I expect B just thought gymnastics would be easy and fun and somersaults. Good lesson that even things we enjoy (or think we might enjoy) take effort.

(And I feel for your inner introvert! I come home most days and would love nothing more than to sequester myself with no outside demands.)

Katie said...

I'm all for allowing a child to experience different things, especially at a young age, but I do think it's important to give one activity a fair shot before quitting. Julianna had to finish out her first grade year at swim team, then I let her take a break, and she was the one who wanted to start back up in the beginning of second grade. The financial investment of all the gear played a big role in it for us. And what made it easier for her to go back was knowing her friends were there with her. My two cents.

michael said...

Homer Simpson once said "if at first you don't succeed, give up." Not sure if that is helpful or not?