November 2, 2012

my baby girl turns 6 today

I really can't believe its been 6 years since my daughter was born, it really is amazing how time goes by. Mom flew into town last night to help celebrate B. We went to her school to have lunch with her and have spent the afternoon getting ready for her party tomorrow. When she walked in the dining room after school and saw the decorations she said "its so beautiful in here!" ~ made my heart smile. Oh sweet Brennan Grace, I love you more than you could even imagine. The older you get the more I see myself in you. The things that bug me often bug you too, we have similar food aversions (although you are still quite picky and I think I'm becoming a bit more adventurous after living in Texas for a couple years), you still love princesses, puppies, and unicorns, and you recently told me your favorite colors were pink and purple. You don't change your mind very often, once you decide on something that's pretty much the way it is. You still hate shoes and socks and take both things off the instant you walk in the door after school. You seem to enjoy school and are really good at memorizing all of your prayers. You don't like homework (eh who can blame you there) but you always seem happy to head out the door in the morning. You love to go to church and have such a sweet and tender heart. You are beautiful inside and out and I'm so so thankful you're mine. Daddy and I often talk about what a sweet girl you are and we're so thankful that Jesus trusted us with you. I hope you have the best 6th birthday and that it's everything you want it to be. Love you, B. xo


Kelly said...

Brennan Grace, you are a much loved little girl, from the moon, to Maine and back!

Robin said...

Happy birthday to Brennan! Wish we could peek in on the party and celebrate with you.

Anonymous said...

Can hardly wait to see the party pictures.