November 30, 2012


Annnnnd breathe. I feel like after a couple months of CRAZY things are finally starting to calm down. Every fall I find myself asking what I can do differently the next year that will make it this season a little more calm, not so hectic, etc. and I think I've realized that its just the way it is! My desire to slow down during my favorite time of year is really just not going to be a reality as long as I have the privilege of being a photographer. Working at Baylor clearly has been a large factor in this year being especially overwhelming but I am thankful for the opportunity. With that said, things are starting to calm down and today is my first Friday of many that I will now have off -WOOT! Since the first admission deadline has passed, things in my office are calming down a bit so I asked if it would be okay if I took Fridays off until things ramp up again and then said yes! I feel like a new woman, having 1 day to myself to get things done will make me feel SO MUCH BETTER, more organized, and hopefully I'll have more patience with my child...hehem. :) So, today feels like a new phase and I for one could not be more thrilled!

Speaking of progress here is an iphone photo of my new sink!! The back splash got taken out and of course, the ply wood is temporary until my counter tops can be put in (in about a week and a half or so). I'm thinking of doing a simple white tile back splash...any thoughts? Anyhoo, I think when its all said and done it will look great! I LOVE the sink/faucet, just hope when its all said and done it looks like the vision that's in my mind!

My gracious mother-in-law painted the living room/upstairs hallway. Its a creamy white but seriously, it doesn't look white!! And since I CLEARLY have painting issues just to prove I'm not crazy, when my mi casa kids were over the other day they asked me if it was a GREEN color!! NO JOKE! I've realized its not me, I'm not overly anal-crazy-paint color lady, its just the room and the light and what it does to wall color. BIG SIGH. I have no plans to change the paint at this point, that poor room has been painted so many times and I really at this point think the "perfect color" doesn't exist. Sigh. Unreal!!

Also on the ol' progress front I realized I haven't given a weight loss update in a long time! Well, its officially been 4 months and I've lost 14lbs. I'm halfway to my goal of 27lbs in total so I'm happy with that. Since the holidays I've pretty much just maintained versus loosing but I decided I was okay with that for now. I'll press on but I'm glad to be down 14 pounds and am enjoying that! I'm down a pant size and overall just feel better in my skin, which is nice. 13 to go!

Well, I have a looong to-do list that I've made for today so I'm gonna hop on it! (I literally couldn't fall asleep last night just thinking about all I wanted to get done today) :) Hooray for free Fridays! Have a good weekend, all!! xo



Robin said...

Molly, the sink is beautiful. I'm sure you'll be really pleased when the counter tops are installed. White tile backsplash sounds good to me. You are the queen of making simple things look great. Losing 14 pounds is no small matter! Way to go.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you on so many fronts! Like having Fridays off - that is heaven for you!!! Your sink (and faucet) looks beautiful-THANK YOU, DOUG!!! and, Kemi, bless your heart for painting AGAIN!!! I'm sure it's beautiful.
I agraee with Robin - 14 lbs is a big accomplishment - be proud of yourself:)

Anonymous said...

Your project is looking wonderful. What a marvelous support team you have.

izzyg said...

Congrats on the sink AND the 14lb!! Both are huge achievements :) The sink looks AMAZING ~ and i am just a tad bit jealous. Love you friend, merry merry christmas season

Kelly said...

1.) The sink = Gorg! 2.) Free Fridays = AWESOME! 3.) Paint and your living room = Lost cause. 4.) Maintaining through the holidays = Just right. 5.) Miss you.