December 11, 2012

Life lately in instagrams

And today life has officially slowed down, praise the Lord! I knew this day was coming! I feel like the calm after the storm is here and it feels good. Here are some photos of what's been going on in Winn life lately, just the little mundane things that make life, life. Enjoy! xo


1. I went with sweet Carolina to get her septum pierced (ouch!)
2. Date night with Adam at BJ's!
3. B's 6th birthday shoot sneak peek
4. Tempting cookies in the break room at work
5. Gingerbread hot cocoa from Ihop (delish!)
6. Roasted veggies (dinner)
7. Mi Casa, Cameron is back from study abroad!
8. B being sweet in the tippy top
9. My friend Toph turned 33 ("the year of our Lord"), those "loaves" are actual birthday cake -amazing!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Glad things are slowing down for you, although you wouldn't know from the fun pictures:) that one of Brennan is precious!!!