December 7, 2012


Whew I'm glad this week is over! Lets see...where to start? Sorry for the blog lull my computer was at the shop due to a virus, boo. We FINALLY got our Christmas tree, better late than never! The tree guy tied our tree to the roof of our car, he put the sting through the car while we were in it. We quickly realized we were tied into the car! I was laughing so hard I had tears! It was quite the debacle, Brennan said if we got stuck in the car and couldn't get out we could eat each other and she would eat me first! Ha! Kids say the darnedest things, no?

This week has been kinda crazy but life is now starting to calm down after a couple months of crazy, I can't wait! I finally started cooking dinner again, after a bit of a hiatus I finally got to the store and got back in the kitchen! I tried this new pasta recipe and it was SO good and super easy. Adam has requested that it make a regular appearance and B even liked it! Score!

I haven't bought one Christmas gift yet so I've got some things to do this weekend but I'm looking forward to a relaxing couple days. And now, for sweet Suzannah, here is a pic of MY FACE taken by the oh so fabulous and talented Bonnie Berry.

Happy weekend, all! xo



Anonymous said...

You are so BEAUTIFUL - as well as that little "B"! Sweet picture - think I need one of those:)

Anonymous said...

Great pic. Mol. I can't beleive how long your hair is getting!

xo ~rodent

Anonymous said...

Molly!! You are soooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for sharing a picture of your gorgeous face and your precious girl!!! Love and miss you!!!

Robin said...

Glad to see your smiling face, Molly.

Kelly said...

Love these faces!

Jenny B. said...

Lovely pic! And what an hilarious memory to be tied into your car! I can just see B as a teenager, saying, hey, mom, remember when the tree guy trapped us in our car?? :)

Jen said...

Wow, I absolutely love this picture of you pretty ladies! Miss your face.