December 19, 2012

pure randomness

Tis the season for craziness, no?! Tomorrow is my last day of work for the year and I am G.I.D.D.Y. I'm looking forward to slow, lazy days and just a general feeling of being "caught up" on life. I have some house projects to work on...I still need to paint the very top of the high part of the hallway that I can't quite reach, I FINALLY (after 2.5 years of looking) ordered a light fixture for the living room! Can't wait for it to arrive/have it installed...hopefully it will be enough light for that room! My counter tops ARE STILL NOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My date of installation is not until JANUARY 4th!!! Unreal. Sigh. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to that. What else.....OH! Brennan's window treatments FINALLY got installed! It only took 2.5 years but all 6 windows now have their roman shades on and I LOVE how pretty it looks in her room! YAY, another project down! The house stuff is slowly but surely coming together!

This past week B won the "best drawing" for all of kindergarten! She had her photo taken and put in the school newsletter and got a prize, I was so proud. :) Today was her Christmas program at school, cutest angel I ever did see! Today was also her last day of school for the year so the Winn household is almost officially on break! Poor Adam has mounds of grading to do but he's close to wrapping it up.

I tried a new recipe for dinner tonight, it was a fair amount of work but not too bad. It was really delicious so if you have some time and like Indian food, give this basil chicken in coconut sauce a whirl!

I've been doing some baking as well, made some Field family traditional spritz cookies, and gave my mom's amaze-balls peanut brittle a whirl! I'm probably not helping my diet any but tis the season right?! (but actually, a few days ago the scale was down another pound...wonders never cease!).

Well, I think that's all the randomness I have for now. I'll leave you with instagrams of cookies and brittle. Happy day to you! xo



Anonymous said...

Wish I could have seen that little angel:) So glad you're all going to have a little break and enjoy the holiday. Wish I could help you eat those Spritz!!! You make mother proud!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for a vacation, yeah for B winning the artist prize, yeah for the yummy Christmas treats (yes, she does do you proud, Syl) and yeah for more home projects completed! Too bad about the counter top delay - I'm curious about the cause of the holdup. And I wish I could have seen our Angel B too, Syl.