December 21, 2013

crunch time

Yesterday was nuts! First thing in the morning I had to drive about 20 minutes to the city of West to photograph a lovely home, then ran by Starbucks to pick up something for Adam and I and the sweet person in front of my paid for our order! Totally made my day! I swung by the house and picked up Adam and then we went to B's school to watch her Christmas program -so cute! Dropped Adam off at home, ran to the store, ran back to pick B up from school (they had early dismissal), edited some photos, then we had company over for dinner and I tried this new Martha Stewart flank steak recipe (can't find the link at the moment!) -pretty darn good! It was a whirlwind so today, I'm taking it easy. :) Need to do laundry, pick up the house, run to the bank, etc.. Just some last minute things to get done before Christmas! This will likely be my last post until after the holidays, I want to step away from the computer and just enjoy the season after all the craziness! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and that the celebration of Jesus' birth is a reminder of how much you are loved. xo

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December 18, 2013

I really should know better by now

I REALLY thought this week was gonna be somewhat chill and relaxing...WRONG. I really should know that after all this time, the week before Christmas will likely never be this way (no matter how caught up I feel). I feel like we've had something going on every night, and I've been staying up late and I'm tired! Fun things though, last night we had friends over and watched "Christmas Vacation" and stayed up late talking, drinking wine, and eating white chocolate pretzel popcorn -YUM! I love being an adult an "playing" on a school night. :) The night before some gals were over for our last Bible study of the semester which was basically drinking, eating, and chatting. Tis the season! Today I have a long list of to-dos that seems manageable but I need to get after it!

Well, in household news, I've been trying to get B to get hot lunch at her school for 2 years and she has refused, but after we discovered that she has been THROWING AWAY her sandwiches we made her buy lunch this week (and I emailed her teacher to make sure she was eating it!) and she has LOVED it! Her teacher said she ate it all so I think we're on to something! Woot! Adam talked to her about her attitude at dinner and she's been making improvements so I think we're onto something all around. :) This week we got her picture taken with Santa (my mom made me go until I was in college, I plan to let B off the hook her senior year ;) and this was the first year she didn't really care to do it - made me sad. She got all dressed up and was fine to go but she didn't really "want" to go and it hit me  -she's growing up too fast!! She's only 7!! I told her she only had to do it for 11 more years. :) :) :) The things our parents tortured us with that we in turn impose on our children...hehe. :)

I think that's all the news around here for now...thanks for checking in! Head on over HERE for this fun mini session out in the country! xo

December 16, 2013

Monday morning came fast!

This weekend was a whirlwind! Friday we had family movie night and introduced B to "Home Alone" -that was fun. :) Saturday B had a birthday party where she and 3 other girls got pampered at the salon -so fun! After the girls were done the mom of the bday girl and myself got pedicures, it was lovely. Then B and I visited with some friends (Adam was at a movie w/ the fellas this whole time) and we met up with Adam at home briefly, picked up pizzas, and headed to our friend's house for the evening. So fun! Sunday we had church, then I had a couple shoots, then we went over to our friend's house for a smallish Christmas party. Since we had 2 late nights back to back we decided to let B sleep in and go to school late today. :) Can't believe its Monday morning already! I have a good amount of work to get done this week but I still think it will be relaxing. Kelly comes a week from tomorrow -can't wait! Christmas in 9 days?!! Hope everyone is getting their shopping done and allowing some time to kick up their heels! I just blogged this sweet family so head on over HERE to check it out! xo

December 13, 2013

artichoke lasagna

I'm trying a new recipe for dinner tonight -artichoke lasagna, I'll let you know how it goes. B has been making me INSANE lately with her attitude about dinner. She and asks if she can have something else for dinner EVEN BEFORE SHE TRIES WHAT I'VE MADE. I told Adam last night that he was going to have to have a sit down talk w/ her b/c I was on the verge of loosing my mind. And seriously, last night I made chicken enchiladas -the main ingredients were chicken and cheese WHAT I ask you is not to like?!!! Its not like I'm forcing liver and onions on the girl!! Anyhoo, dinner has lost its luster a bit for me lately, I'm only cooking for 2 other people and when one of them doesn't like 90% and complains constantly it makes me feel so defeated. Anyone else have these issues?! Just me?..... I'm jealous of folks whose kids just eat happily and w/out complaining...I know they exist, I've seen it. Sigh.

Sorry about that rant, last nigh was ROUGH. But really...I'm not done ranting. Do you remember when you were a kid and had the "polar express" come to your school at Christmas time? Your parents gave you money and you could buy gifts in the library at lunch for your family members? I asked B earlier in the week if this was something she was interested in to which she replied "I don't really care" and I said "okay!" So imagine my surprise when she starts CRYING at dinner last night b/c he wants to do it and I pointed out that she told me she didn't care!! I didn't have any cash on me and wasn't about to go out last night b/c she changed her mind. She insisted she didn't change her mind  - but rather that I clearly misunderstood her blatant "I don't care" answer. WHAT?!!! Oh Lord, help me with the teen years if this is the drama at 7! Like I said, last night was ROUGH.

Ay yi yi this parenthood stuff is no joke! Wanna see some cute parents with their kiddos? Then head on over HERE to check out another holiday mini session! xo

December 11, 2013


I'm a blogging fiend these days, no?!! Mi casa was SO FUN last night! We did our annual gift exchange and laughed so.hard. Its hilarious what folks come up with to give away and even more so, who ends up getting what! Love those guys, can't believe its our "last" Christmas Winn mi casa with this crew just as it is right now. SNIFF. One of my guys took an internship in Houston that starts in January and goes through March so saying goodbye to him last night was a bummer. They are all headed home for Christmas break shortly and another one of my guys graduates in 2 wks! How did this time go by so fast?! So crazy. Well, our new dishwasher is being delivered today and the dining room is almost complete! I still need to put out a few Christmas decorations and check a few more things off my to-do list and then we'll be good to go! Christmas is in TWO weeks!!!!!

Head on over HERE and check out this sweet girl! xo

December 10, 2013

sick day/paint day

B has a slight fever so we kept her home today. She seems in good spirits and she used her Target gift cards yesterday to buy a new "kitchen" for her dolls so she's happily playing in her room. We told her she was staying home today and she said "YESSSS!!!!" I think she's really under the weather...what do you think? ;) So, its a painting day for me! I've managed to stretch out this dining room project just about as long as possible! I have 1 more full coat to do so I'm gonna get after it today! My friend finished painting the dining room table yesterday and she did a GREAT job! I'm very pleased with it and think its such a nice change! Can't wait for that room to be done so I can put the ladder away and move on to my next project. :)

I've nearly finished my Christmas shopping (yesterday was productive!), got a few more things to do and then off to the post office! I always feel such a relief once those boxes have been shipped...then its relaxing time. I still can't believe Christmas is in TWO weeks! As a kid it seemed to take forever to come and as an adult there never seems to be enough time before its here! I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday, I'm gonna go paint and gear up for mi casa tonight! xo

December 9, 2013

this n' that

I made a yummy new dinner that you might want to try! It was my friend's birthday last week so I had a small dinner party to celebrate. It was lovely, we put B to bed, our friends came over at 7:30 and we had a candlelit dinner -just 6 adults chatting, eating, and enjoying each others company -great night! HERE is the recipe, super simple, you just gotta buy some serious cheese! I had enough ingredients left over to make a half recipe again the next night and I added a few alterations to give it more flavor and I liked it better night #2. I put garlic in the pasta and I rubbed a garlic clove in the individual ramekins (that last step I did on night 1 too). I also added some fresh cracked black pepper for a bit more flavor. I'm a sucker for garlic so pretty much anything is going to taste better to me after that addition. I also added a bit more of several of the cheeses to make up for the fact that I didn't have any whole mozzarella for night #2 and it made it thicker which I loved. Anyhoo, everyone loved it and its so simple -I'll call it a win! I also made THIS cheesey garlic bread and it was SO good.

Friday it was super cold and "snowed" a bit so we let B sleep in and took her to school late (mainly bc we were cozy and wanted to sleep in and have a chill morning). Adam didn't go to work b/c the roads were icy so we had a nice day together. :) It set the tone for our CHILL weekend. Saturday we cheered on Baylor to victory from our cozy couches (we did not envy our friends at that game -28 degrees!!), and then we were supposed to go to a Christmas party and as we were about to go we both thought "it sure would be nice to stay in and be warm and curl up on the couch with popcorn and a movie" so we did! The 3 of us watched Shrek and had a lovely evening at home. Sunday we went to church, out to lunch with friends and then spent the day at home...being cozy. Warmth and coziness was the theme for our weekend and we LOVED it. This is Adam's last week of school before break, we have our last mi casa of the semester tomorrow, and this week I have a meeting with a bride. Other than that, a quiet week around here and I'm thrilled about it! I feel like this is the first December maybe ever where I haven't felt like a crazy person running around and I'm loving it.

Sweet Kelly arrives in 15 days to spend Christmas with us so I'm counting down the days for that! The Ducks are headed to the Alamo Bowl so cousin Mike is getting all of us tickets and heading back to Texas and off we're going to San Antonio -WHO HOO!! Lots of fun things coming up, most importantly celebrating Jesus' birthday of course! :)

The dining room is still under construction, hopeful to get that wrapped up this week! So, pics still to come! I just blogged a holiday mini session so head on over HERE so check it out! Happy Monday, everyone! xo

December 5, 2013

inspired/uninspired - motivated/unmotivated

I don't know whats wrong with me -I feel like I'm caught in this weird place of being super motivated and inspired one minute and totally uninspired and unmotivated the next. Sigh. I look around my house and see chaos. I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas d├ęcor, its nice to change things up for a season and bring out pretty things that only make an appearance a short time out of the year, but the whole process of actually getting said items out of the attic, taking things down, re-arranging, putting new holes in the walls, etc. It makes me a bit nuts. Add to that our dining room being in total disarray due to my paint job and my dining room set being painted -its just all making me feel like the walls are closing in around me. Also, our dishwasher is broken and we're waiting for the new one to be installed so dishes stack up in the sink and then we do them, they dry on the counter -just more 'stuff' around making my OCD a bit off the charts. Hello first world problems! I know, I'm sure I sound ridiculous but if a girl can't vent on her own blog?....crickets...................

I'm determined to paint the rest of the dining room today, it will still need 1 more full coat but at least if it can all be the same color that should help my mental state. :) We FINALLY got our tree last night, I put the lights on this morning and B can decorate when she gets home from school. I wasn't thinking about my dining room being a disaster when I planned my little dinner party for tonight...oops. Its a friend's birthday so I'm having just a few folks over to celebrate. Not my best timing but...whatareyagonnado?

I think that's all of my ramblings for today. I'm planning to stay cozy for the rest of the week as the 75 degree day yesterday has turned into 30s for the rest of the week -BRRRR. Winter has come to Waco! I blogged another holiday mini session over HERE so check it out, yo! xo

December 3, 2013

back to normal we go!

Cousin Mike's flight was cancelled so he stayed another day! Its been super fun having him here, Adam is taking him to the airport as I type. After 2 weeks of Adam gone/Mike here, today is going to be "get back to normal life" day. I haven't gone to the store in ages it feels like, laundry is piled high, I have like 2 Christmas decorations out and no tree...I gots things to do! My friend is downstairs painting my dining room table/chairs as I type -yikes! I'm a tad nervous b/c it seems like a big deal to change something that's been that way for so long but I'm excited for a fresh new change! I'm not quite done painting the dining room but am hopeful to finish this week. Its so dark in there now, but I like it...its very moody and adds a nice pop of color in a smaller room. Can't wait to see it all done, of course I'll share pics!

We had a great time with Mike, we celebrated Thanksgiving which was so nice, at the last minute we hopped in the car and drove to Ft. Worth to watch the Baylor bears victory over TCU (sidenote: the neighborhood in which TCU resides has some of the most beautiful and charming houses I've ever seen!! Maybe Ft. Worth needs to be on my "I could live there" list?), and he helped us pick out and order a new dishwasher! Our dishwasher is plain TERRIBLE and I can.not.wait. for our new one to arrive! We also watched some movies and Mike took me on a date (its our annual tradition while Adam is at work). B said to me "Mom, isn't only daddy supposed to take you on a date?" Cutie. All in all a great time!

Well, I've got some much needed things to take care of so I'm gonna get on it, I FINALLY blogged B's birthday shoot so head over HERE to check out my sweet girl! Happy Tuesday! xo

November 30, 2013

busy playing

We're  busy playing and hanging out with cousin Mike this week, so I'll be back to blogging soon! Hope ya'll had a great Thanksgiving, we sure did! I blogged a holiday mini session over HERE, check it out! xo

November 25, 2013

We're makin' it!

Monday morning already?!! This weekend turned out to be pretty busy for B and I! Movies, play dates, church, love feast at church, out to lunch, etc. We've been keeping busy with daddy gone and I think today is the day where we're both counting the hours until he's home! Its one thing to have a fun girls weekend but when its back to Monday and "real life" -we need daddy!!! Adam comes home tomorrow -can't wait! I have my work cut out for me today, we thought we were going to have a quiet Thanksgiving but a casual "you should join us" has turned into a good size crowd so I gotta figure out center pieces, how to fit that many folks around the table, get to the store, clean my house, meet with a potential client, oh -and I started painting the dining room! Yikes! It will all get done and be great, just gotta power through! I hope you all had a great weekend and have enjoy a short work week! I just blogged an engagement session over HERE so check it out! xo

November 22, 2013

He's off!

Adam left this morning for his annual conference, this year its in Baltimore. In typical fashion he realized he left something at the house right after I dropped him off so back and forth it was for me this am. Sigh. The weather made a turn this morning, it is COLD and rainy outside and its supposed to be this way for the next 5 days -brrrr! One of my shoots I made happen this week that was supposed to be this weekend and one got moved until after the holidays so no working for me this weekend! I'm trying to plan some things for the ninner and I to do so we stay a bit busy and aren't just starring at each other all weekend. :) B and I don't like it when daddy's gone...we'll both be eager for Tuesday! I've started my annual list of things that I'll need to make Thanksgiving happen, I love the planning part! Really I'm just anal and love lists in general. :) Our friends are joining us for T-Day along with cousin Mike, should be a fun day! I've also made a list of things to get done while Adam is gone, its long so I'm gonna get to it! My house is a disaster and I've got many a blog to get done! I hope ya'll have a lovely weekend! xo

Here is a peek of B's birthday shoot, hoping to get that blogged soon!

November 21, 2013

another cute fam..

being blogged HERE! xo

November 19, 2013

OITF Blogged!

I finally got around to blogging my fabulous day at Outstanding in the field! This was my birthday present that I mentioned a while back and then never brought up again! It was a great day, loved everything about it and shared all the info over HERE, check it out! xo

November 18, 2013

old lady back

This weekend I was pruning these bushes in the backyard that are right up against the house b/c this little kitten decided to make its hiding place right there under the house. "Right there" was directly below B's window and said kitten was meowing all.night.long. So, in my efforts to better reach said kitty I threw my back out bending over and picking up pruned bush branches. Sigh. Needless to say, I was bound to the couch 95% of the weekend. Thankfully we found the kitty a happy new owner and after hours of attempts, it was lured out! Yay! I had a shoot yesterday I couldn't re-schedule, its been booked for months, the weather was right, and it just had to happen. I said lots of prayers, popped 3 muscle relaxers and made it happen. Today I can tell I'm making the turn back toward normalcy which I'm so thankful for! Ain't no one got time for that! Too many things to get done, can't be laying around!! It makes me feel like such an old lady (this back thing does happen occasionally), throwing my back out over something so simple like bending over?!! Sigh.

I haven't even peeked at the photos yet but I grabbed this one to share. This cute couple brought a 1950s truck for their engagement session -brilliant! Okay folks, I gotta get some stuff done after a very unproductive weekend. More to come, thanks for checking in! xo

November 15, 2013

Hooray for Friday!

This week has actually been somewhat chill compared to most but I'm still super happy its Friday! The weather has been playing tricks on me so I keep re-arranging shoots but it looks like it will actually be kinda nice this weekend! We don't have too much going on, watching football with friends, shooting, church, and just some relaxation! Looking forward to it! I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead, I just blogged a holiday mini session so head on over HERE to check it out! xo

November 13, 2013

bloggin' n stuff

Its that time of year where I'm itching to make a change in one area or another. I really, for the most part am not a fan of change, but there is just something about this time of year that makes me itch for it. I'm not sure if its b/c we're going into year EIGHT of the unknown with Adam's job stuff or what? As usual, he's got a few applications out, interviews are starting to be arranged, etc.. Here we go...AGAIN. But, I'm honestly not thinking too much about all that, not just b/c after all these years I'm somewhat "over" the whole process but b/c I feel like there are other fish to fry! There are so many little things around the house I want to change/update/work on, new paint colors to try (EEEK!), etc. The creative juices are flowing, I just need to put them into action! Well, not too much to report this week, pretty typical week ahead. We had mi casa last night and celebrated my birthday and Casey's birthday (we were both born on the 9th!). Casey made me a white on white cake per my request and I made her chocolate chip cookies with dark chocolate chips per her request. Next week is our big Thanksgiving mi casa so I gotta get a turkey and start that recipe search yet again! I can't believe how quickly this time of year goes...I wish I could put on the brakes a bit.

Well, I've been a blogging maniac lately so head on over HERE to check out my sweet friend's baby shower! Happy Wednesday, all! xo

November 11, 2013

back from San Francisco!

Whew! Just got home last night after being gone for 4 days in one of my favorite cities, San Fran! It was our annual Oregon Duck game with Kemi, Doug, and cousin Mike -other than the duck loss (booooo) we had a GREAT trip! We went to Alcatraz and had an awesome audio tour, we went shopping in Union Square, we ate the yummiest birthday dinner at Morton's Steakhouse, and just had an all around great trip. It made turning 36 feel pretty great. :) I love my birthday and this year was an absolutely great one!

Well, came back home and this morning was up an at 'em! Had to shoot at 8am and have a long list of to-dos starring me in the face so I've gotta get after it! I am getting caught up on blog posts and will be sharing my awesome experience at Outstanding in the Field soon! Thanks to all of you who sent me birthday cards, texts, fb messages, voicemails, etc. sure made a girl feel special!

Now, head on over HERE and check out the cutest farmhouse birthday party for my friend's daughter! xo

November 6, 2013

I'm on a blogging roll!

I spent ALL day yesterday in front of my computer working and didn't shower until shortly before mi casa started. I was productive and got all sorts of blogs coming your way! I just blogged sweet Casey and Ben's engagements so check those out HERE. We're off to San Fran tomorrow, I always hate leaving B but am trusting she'll be in good hands. I'll be 36 the next time I blog...yikes! I hope everyone has a great weekend, see you back here next week! xo

November 5, 2013

little update

Whew! This weekend was busy! We had B's party on Saturday which was so fun for her! I took mom and B to a tea that the Jr League of Waco put on so we did that on Sunday after church, then yesterday mom and I went to a movie, did some shopping, and had lunch before I had to take her to the airport. B has already told me numerous times that she "misses grandma already." Always hard when momsie leaves (and my house is never as clean :). Thanks for coming, mom! Today its back to work since I've barely touched my computer since Wednesday! I have lots to do in the next 2 days before Adam and I head to San Fran for the duck game/my birthday! I'm gonna get to it! Blogged my last session from California so head on over here to check it out! Happy Tuesday, all! xo

November 2, 2013

B is 7 today!

November 2nd, the day I became a mom...7 years ago today! I want to write about some things that are so "B" as she is right now, so years from now I'll remember.


you are so funny, you have  a great sense of humor and are constantly making your dad and I laugh

you love to go to church on Sunday mornings and never want to miss.

you are STILL super picky about alive, you want to wear a skirt or dress every day and you pretty much always insist that pink be a part of the color palette. You refuse to wear jeans (unless there is some rare occasion where they are absolutely necessary), you insist they are "too blue." You still hate shoes and socks and proceed to take both items off about 2 seconds after walking in the door. I'm thankful for your school uniform so I don't have to have a daily battle with you over wardrobe.

you are still a picky eater like Little Caesars Pizza, plain ham sandwiches from Jimmy Johns, and Panda Express sweet and sour chicken the best. You like when I make this broccoli/sausage pasta dish for dinner and you still are a total sucker for dessert.

you don't love school but you like your school. You'd rather just stay home and chill with me all day but you're happy to head out the door each morning. Even though you don't like homework/school in general you want to do well at it and you hate when you get something wrong. Each week you want to get a perfect score on your spelling test and are bummed if you miss one. A little perfectionist, you are.

you are currently taking gymnastics and you really like it! So much in fact that you wanted a gymnastics party this year -at the gym. You wanted your cake to have a "girl on bars" and you wanted the colors to be green, purple, and turquoise. You asked for the American Girl Doll gymnastics set for your birthday and were thrilled to open it! (thanks grandma and granddad!)

you love to swim and have gotten so much better at it this year! You're like a fish around water and you love to get stronger at swimming.

you are still an art bug and are often crafting away at your black table in the kitchen. You color a lot and are so creative with your projects, you constantly amaze me.

you still have a love affair with dogs and unicorns and insist that one day you will have 1000 dogs that you will drive around in a van all day.

you are so kind, and this warms my heart. You always want everyone to be included and you are so nice to your friends.

I love you Brennan Grace and I'm so thankful for another year of being your mom. Happy 7th birthday, baby girl! xo

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November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

I'm blogging my sassy kitty cat over HERE. xo

October 29, 2013

37 years of awesome

Today my sweet husband turns 37! Per his request we're going on a double date with dear friends and I've got to get that yellow box cake in the oven! I love Adam's birthday, a day to celebrate the amazing man he is and a good reminder of how blessed/lucky I am that I get to call him mine. Happiest birthday, my love. xo
photo cred: HERE

October 28, 2013

7 years ago today

Oct. 28th is the day I went into the hospital with toxemia and stayed until I had my baby girl 8 weeks early. I can't believe B is going to be SEVEN this week! No more baby girl for me...sniff. She has been asking for about a month "how many more days until my birthday?" I'm glad she shares my affinity for her special day, warms the ol' heart cockles. Although I'm not nearly as excited about her birthday theme/location of choice this year, I think she'll have a great time and I'm hoping to get some photos to share (even though it will be a dark yucky gym! Yes...still a tad bitter over here :). Last week nearly did me in, felt like I was barely coming up for air, I'm not gonna lie, I'm glad its over. :) I helped host a baby shower for my dear friend Holly and it turned out super cute, all the ladies really out-did themselves on this one! I'll share photos are soon as they are edited. I had the brilliant idea (or rather, saw Martha Stewart's brilliant idea) of doing a "cookie bar" for the favors, Holly LOVES cookies and I thought it was the perfect favor for a 65 guest shower! Well, 65 guests, times 3 cookies each...yeah, I baked A LOT of cookies. And of course, had tons of leftovers that I ended up giving away at church yesterday (and 2 lovely burns on my arm to show for it!). Oh well, it looked pretty cute. I tried 3 new cookie recipes, this snickerdoodle one, this lemon one, and this cherry icebox one (sans walnuts). I would recommend all of them, they were all really good!

Adam has been out of town since Friday, he went to Oregon for a duck game for his birthday present. His flight got all messed up so rather than coming home last night like he was supposed to, he's set to come home later this afternoon  -me and B can't wait! We miss him a lot and are both ready for daddy to come home. Adam turns 37 tomorrow so we've cancelled mi casa for tomorrow night and are going on a date with some good friends per Adam's request! I need to make his yellow box cake (still kills me every year) and wrap his gifts and will be all set! Then momsie comes on Wednesday, just in time to celebrate Halloween with us and B's birthday! Its another busy week ahead but super fun. Today I need to get some blogs ready, I have a mini session tonight, and get the house a little more in order after our crazy week last week! I can't believe its almost November! Speaking of blog, I've blogged a couple sessions in the last few days so head over HERE to check it out! Happy Monday, all! xo

October 23, 2013

early bday present

Whew! It has been a zoo around here but today...its play time! For YEARS I have wanted to do this culinary-type experience, I even blogged about it once. Well, today, its happening! For my birthday this year Adam got me a ticket to "outstanding in the field" and today it has finally arrived! My friend Anna and I are going to drive to Austin and enjoy a fabulous meal at a farm where the food is local and fabulous! They don't tell you what you are eating, but its supposed to be amazing and I can't wait for the experience! So today, its play day -no computer, no work calls, no invoices, (but I do think I'll take my camera), just relaxing and eating! I can't wait to tell you all about it! Its been a bit cooler here these days, more 70s type weather but today its supposed to be 81! Will be a bit warm but I also think it will be so nice to sit outside on this beautiful day! I'm trying to figure out what to wear, want to be comfortable, a waistband that allows for lots of eating, and flat shoes to walk the farm in! Happy early birthday to me!

I blogged my first California session over HERE so check it out! Happy Wednesday, all! xo

October 22, 2013

keepin' on keepin' on

I'm keeping up...barely. I've got my work cut out for me today so I'm gonna get after it but wanted to let you know I blogged this cute fam over HERE. Check it out! xo

October 19, 2013

survival mode

And.................breathe. I think its safe to say the crazy time is upon us, we are most definitely in survival mode around here. There have been days this week where I've only been home 30 minutes I'm exhausted and I feel like my head is spinning trying to keep up with it all. I'm trying to take it a day at a time and take deep breaths. I feel like once I get thru to Sunday the 27th I'll be able to make it. :) I have mini sessions tomorrow, a birthday party, church, and today is Baylor's homecoming so we're heading to the game in a while! Adam graciously offered to take B to a birthday party today which is a huge help, I'm up for tomorrow. :) I'm going to maximize my time alone so I'm gonna get at it! I blogged a mini session over HERE so check it out! Thanks for reading! xo

October 15, 2013

the past 5 days

For the past 5 days I've been in southern was like food for my soul. I really do think I have some of the most amazing friends on the planet and I'm beyond thankful for them. I have great friends here in Waco, that goes without saying but there is something different about relationships that were there in the beginning. These folks started life with us -right when we got married, had our baby, Adam's graduation, etc.. We were all in a similar place in life and figuring it out together and being with them these past few days was so good for my heart/soul, etc. I have never made any qualms about my love for southern California -when I land I feel like I'm home and it such a great feeling. The days flew by, and here's why:

I flew into Orange County Thursday evening, then had a LONG traffic filled drive to Altadena where I had dinner and great conversation with one of my favorite families then off to

Pasadena where I spent the night with a long time dear friend. Then woke up and drove to South Pasadena where I had brunch with a dear friend and then went to a park to meet up with my best friend from college and his wife and 2 cute boys

then got in the car and went to visit a dear friend who I hadn't seen in years! She lived in CA when we did but moved to Illinois and recently has moved back to southern CA. Being with her was like no time had passed since I last saw her -I LOVE those friendships!

I couldn't stop talking so literally had to race to Sierra Madre where I photographed sweet friends with their new baby, then went to one of my favorite restaurants (Saladang) and chatted away with my friend before heading back to her house to chat late into the night. Stayed there for the night then

woke up early and headed to Pacific Palisades where I photographed a long time dear friend from college and her sweet fam including a new baby boy! The weather was lovely and seeing her is always so refreshing and fun. I wish we had more time to talk, it was mostly shooting before I had to get in my car and

bolt to Long Beach. Whew! This was a crazy day. In Long Beach I met up with a friend from the camp I used to work at while in high school! It had been a lifetime since I last saw Jamie, but now she's married with the cutest little girl and a baby boy on the way! Her husband was so nice and it was neat to see her and photograph her sweet fam. Then, back in the car as I headed off to

Laguna Niguel. By this time I was getting pretty tired! A tour of southern California was happening for sure! It was SO fun to see my college roommate, photograph her sweet family that included her beautiful new baby girl! I definitely got my baby fix this trip! We chatted the afternoon away before I had to get back in my car and drive up to

San Gabriel to have dinner with my dear dear friends who welcomed me with open arms and the best hugs on the planet! They made me dinner (and a much needed margarita ) and we chatted late into the night until I had to drive back to

Pasadena where my dear friends let me crash. But before I fell into bed I stayed up way too late (or super early rather) talking with my friend. Man, 1:30am is hard on this old lady but it was SO worth it! We could've easily talked until sunrise I'm sure -there are never enough hours in the day when I make this trip! I woke up the next day and headed to

meet my friend for a fun afternoon of shopping at the Rose Bowl flea market (one of my absolute favorite things that I used to do all the time when I lived there) and out to lunch at an old haunt. I needed this relaxing time with an old friend who knows me, it was good to do things we used to do together and just feel like nothing had changed -loved it. From there I drove to

Glendora where I visited with some of my favorite folks and took some photos of their cute fam before heading out to dinner to catch up. I love this family, we did a lot of life together and being with them was like coming home. From Glendora I got in my car and drove to

Fullerton where I met up with a friend who shared a cabin with me at summer camp when we worked there. We had a great time chatting and I loved meeting her new husband and seeing them so happy -so fun! I spent the night there and we had breakfast the next morning before I had to get to the airport to come home. Of course I missed Adam and B tons but it really felt like my time there was over in a flash and left me longing for more. I'm really blessed, this trip reminded me how God has given me amazing people in my life to walk this journey with, each of them holds such a special place in my heart. I came home and told Adam all about everyone to catch him up -of course he was jealous I got to see so many folks and said "we gotta get back there more often!" Agreed! Now, I'm home, happy and tired. :) I have mounds of editing to do and mini sessions from Waco to blog so keep checking in over HERE (just blogged a session). Thanks for reading! xo

October 9, 2013

mini blogged!

Today I'm running errands and packing before I head to CA tomorrow, but wanted to let you know that I blogged a super cute family over HERE. Check it out! Have a great week(end) everyone! xo

October 7, 2013

just some Moday randomness

Fall has come! We've officially stopped having the A/C on all the time and its been chilly in the mornings - hooray! Fall pretty much came within minutes this Saturday. A friend of Adam's was driving through town so we met up with him and his family (and the Peters -hi Kel :) at the zoo on Saturday morning, within minutes it went from being humid and hot to breezy and kinda cold! Texas weather is so nuts! The down side to this was that I had to cancel my mini sessions for Saturday -BOO. I hate how weather messes with my schedule, its a busy time of year, people! (insert stressed out face) My mini sessions for Sunday were great! The weather was lovely and the sun was out, great day to shoot! I'm gearing up for lots more shooting this week as I head to California in 3 days! I always hate to leave Adam and B but I'm so looking forward to seeing my dear friends, meeting new babies, and photographing some of my favorite families!

Lets far as what's been going on in my kitchen lately: I had a hankering for pumpkin pancakes this weekend so I tried this recipe -ohmyword SO good! Leave it to Martha to not let me down! I had some leftover pumpkin in my fridge from some muffins  made earlier and it was just the right amount. If any of you happen to have 6 T of pumpkin laying around, try these, they do not disappoint! My friend Carrie reminded me I never followed up on the "dump cake." Okay people, here is the recipe, I know -I know what you're thinking, this sounds gross, right?!! I do not like cherries and the thought of cherries and pineapple in a dessert sounds like about the BUT, I was wrong, dead wrong. One of my mi casa gals wanted this for her birthday mi casa so I obliged, thinking I wouldn't want it, but I tried it and it was SO GOOD. I may or may not have had seconds. :) Anyhoo, trust me, if you have 5 minutes to make a dessert and you want to win over a crowd, give dump cake a whirl -it blew my socks off! We put vanilla ice cream on it and it was sweet and delicious and made my house smell like yummy sugar. Who knew?! I recently tried a cheesy chicken enchilada recipe, I don't have the link b/c I took a photo w/ my ipad while trolling pinterest. I'm sure if you search on pinterest you can find it, they were SO GOOD and I'll definitely be making them again.

Well, its officially ON -the busy season is upon me. I will blog when I can but if its quiet around here for the next 2 months you know why...lots of birthdays, lots of travel, lots of photos to edit! Thanks for checking in! xo

October 1, 2013

It's October!

Hooray for October! I feel like my mind is reeling today, I've got a lot to get done since I was without a car yesterday. Tonight is mi casa, we've had a lot of mi casa birthdays lately and although I've had the same group of kids going on 4 years I've been lame in that I haven't ever celebrated the summer birthdays! So, we're doing that this year! So tonight is sweet Allie's birthday mi casa since her birthday is in August and always gets the shaft! She requested homemade caramel with apples -should be easy enough! Last week it was sweet Carlee's birthday and she wanted strawberry shortcake so I tried this new recipe, pretty good! She said it was the best shortcake she'd ever had, its super easy so if you like that sort of thing I'd give it a whirl!

I can't remember if I blogged it or not but a couple weeks ago I made one of the best things that's ever come out of my was called fudgey chocolate peanut butter cake or something like that! I found it on pinterest so I'm sure if you search on there you can find it (*I'm not on pinterest, I just troll for recipes sometimes). It was a lot of work but SOOO worth it. I will for sure make it again at some point!

Well, its officially 1 month and 1 day until my baby girl turns 7 -SEVEN!!! How old does that sound?!!! I feel like such a sell out, she wants her birthday party at a gymnastics gym this year. Sigh. Not that there's anything wrong with parties held at places like chuck e cheese, gyms, etc. its just not my preference, I prefer cozy parties at home BUT, she insisted so...there's that. :/ I guess it had to happen at some point. She could sense my disappointment and said "It's okay mom, we can have a party at home next year when I turn 8." Sweet pea. :) Who's birthday party is this anyway???!!! :)

I'm also in the throes of hosting a baby shower with a bunch of sweet gals. Its our friend's first baby and she's having a sweet little girl...its going to be super cute! I'm in charge of some of the food, favors, and! My mind is racing with thoughts that I need to get busy turning into reality!

The lows have officially dropped this week in Texas, its still pretty warm during the day but I think that's all about to change too. B asked today if she could wear tights, I told her the high was still 90. :) I love the fall, I'm glad its finally here. Happy Tuesday! xo

September 30, 2013

it's that time of year

I'm not sure what is UP with our house and car/tire issues lately! Adam took B to school today, then came home and said he had a flat tire, then proceeded to take my car to work so I've been stranded at the house all day. I don't really mind, I had lots of editing to do and I managed to get a blog post done so check out one of my favorite families over HERE. I'm ready for a break from car drama!! Well, as of tomorrow its officially October which means my busiest 2 months of the year is upon me! I do love this time of year but it also kicks my bootie every.single.year. I'm trying to just breathe and take a day at a time. My holiday mini sessions are this weekend so be checking my business blog b/c there is sure to be lots of cuteness coming! Well, I'm gonna get in the shower since its 1:20pm and I've been glued to my computer screen all day. Hope everyone has a great Monday! xo

September 25, 2013

Not Home Yet ~ Remembering Sara

We got some tragic news yesterday, Adam's best friend (who was just in town), his sister died suddenly yesterday at age 35. They are thinking a blood clot was the cause. When things like this happen it leaves me with so many questions, thoughts, but most of all, a yearning to get home -my eternal home where there is no more sickness or dying. I am broken hearted for her husband who woke up today in an entirely different life than he had yesterday morning, for her parents who I'm sure didn't think they would have to bury their daughter, for our dear friend Jeremy who is now an only child. life can change. Its all so sobering and makes you pause. At the end of every church service we all collectively stand and say together "As we approach this week may we love God, embrace beauty, and live life to the fullest." I want to actually live that out and not just say it, I want my daughter to realize there is more to life than what meets the eye. I think its hard to live in the tension of trusting that God's timing is best, you can't get too comfortable, and I firmly believe Jesus cares more about our character than our comfort. I also think this is how we're called to live, trusting that the one who created us knows best. This life is so unpredictable, and hard, and messy, I want to cling to the only one who is predictable, who doesn't ever change, who calls to the weary and says HE will give them rest. The Lord says he is near to the broken hearted, please pray for Sara's family, that they would feel the peace and love of Jesus in this excruciating time. xo

September 23, 2013

hey there

So the Winns had a pretty good weekend! Adam's bff was in town so it was fun to hang out with him, go out to dinner, etc. We went to our first UMHB football game of the season and that was a lot of fun! The university just got a brand new stadium so this was the first game using it, turned out really nice! Sunday we had church, then I met a friend for coffee and then had a mini session which I just blogged over HERE. Check it out! Hope everyone had a great weekend! xo

September 17, 2013

new-ish phase

Last week ended up being a bit busier than I had anticipated, not in a bad way, just busy. Houston was fun, good to get out of Waco for a bit and do something new! It was good seeing our friends who we hadn't seen in 2ish years and to watch the Astros WIN a game (wonders never cease)! We got upgraded to a suite at our hotel b/c they gave us keys to an occupied room and we walked in on some folks -DOH! We also got free breakfast out of the deal so, there's that! This week is going to be a busy one, last night Bible study was at my house, tonight is mi casa and its one of my gal's birthdays and she requested "dump cake" -should be interesting. We have friends coming over for dinner tomorrow night who we just don't see enough any more, and Adam's bff, Jeremy is in town for a few days so he's crashing at our place! Whew!

I told Adam that I keep having this uneasy feeling like I'm forgetting to do something...that feeling of going on vacation and realizing you left your garage door open, I can't shake it. With each passing day I'm coming to the realization that its just a newish phase of life for me. This is the first time EVER where I haven't had something I "have" to do. Meaning, my daughter is at school all day, I'm not working for anyone but myself and there are times during the day where I actually have...time. This is totally foreign to me and I can tell I'm not quite sure what to do about it! Its a GREAT thing, I'm not wanting to sound like I'm complaining, its just so new to me and that I almost don't know what to do with myself. And with that said, I still don't know where the hours in the day go?? The fall is always nuts for me, I'm just trying to brace myself for what's coming. Even though its 95 degrees outside fall is in the air, and I love it. With this time of year also brings the dreaded job hunt process for Adam. Sigh. You'd think after all these years I'd be used to it by now but really, I'm not. I hate the thought of moving, of more change, of starting makes me tired. I want Waco to be home, I'm hopeful it can be but until that full time gig comes along, there's always that chance of a move. Boo. Well, that's the scoop for today! xo

September 13, 2013

I MAY have spoke too soon/ HOLIDAY MINI SESSIONS

So, I really did think the tides were turning...and maybe they still are but yesterday Adam backed my car into a concrete pole...the damage isn't great. Sigh. Is it October yet?...

Anyhoo, on a brighter note:

MOLLY WINN PHOTOGRAPHY MINI SESSIONS have officially been announced! As always I'm only doing a handful so let me know if you want in! (they are almost filled up already!)

DATES: October 5th & 6th

WHERE: 5th -urban location TBD, 6th -rural location TBD

HOW MUCH: $225 for up to 5 people, $25 per person after that!

WHAT DO I GET: 20 minute session, an online gallery of 12 images, of which you can select 5 for your disc! If you want the remaining 7 images, there is an additional $100 cost

If you have any questions/want a session shoot me an email:

Hope to see you soon! xo

September 12, 2013

first blog on my new computer

I officially just blogged my first blog on my new computer, check it out over HERE! xo

September 11, 2013

the tides have officially turned

I hope I'm not speaking too soon but I feel like since yesterday the tides have finally turned and I can feel a change in the air. I feel like this is the first time in a long time where I actually have 2 seconds to sit and breath and think and plan. When I looked at my calendar today and saw that it was completely empty, my heart took a big sigh. That's not to say I don't have a list of things to get done today but none of them are essential -such a great feeling. My computer is up and running -HOORAY! There are still a couple things I (well, probably more than a couple) that I need o figure out but all in all, I think the two of us can work well together. :) Technical issues are such a big stress for me so to feel more at ease in this regard is like an elephant being lifted off my shoulders.

We had mi casa last night, it was so good to have my kids here. I think only 3 were missing so it was a good size group last night and we I laugh more on Tuesday nights than any other time for sure. I know I'm biased but I have the coolest Baylor students in my group and its been so fun to do life with them the past 3, going on 4 years. One of them asked me to shoot their wedding next summer, so honored. She also said she was going to ask B to be her flower sweet! I love the way these "kids" love my kid, since B is an only child its neat to see her have like 15ish older brothers and sisters who care about her so much, warms the ol' heart cockles.  One of my guys just rocked his big cpa test for grad school and he landed an amazing internship, so proud! He texted me right when his test was over to tell me he passed, said I was the first person he told, made my heart smile. Another one just had an interview for med school, he's going to be an amazing doctor one day, I just know it. Growing up before my eyes. I can't believe their seniors! I'm secretly (or not so secretly) planning renovations to the guest room to stack it with bunk beds so they can all stay forever. :) They can't leave me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Well, I think that's all the news for now -hopefully Debbie Downer will be gone for a while and Smiling Susie can stick around for a good bit! Here's a peek of an engagement session I'm working on, more to come! xo

September 9, 2013

the hits...they keep on comin'

Big sigh. THIS THIS will be the week the tides turn! I mean it this time. Sigh. So, this past week/weekend was a bit crazy...just more of the same really. Adam went to Target to grab a couple things, when he got in my car to come home, the car wouldn't start. Sigh. After trying a couple things it turned out I needed a new battery. I still don't have a key to Adam's car so I was stuck at home unable to help him (I've asked him NUMEROUS times over the years to make me a key to his car...I'll blame him for this one ;). Thankfully a nice stranger helped him out and he was able to get home (then had to re-jump it to get to the auto shop). As I'm racing out the door to get B to a birthday party, I drop Adam's keys (I had to take his car since he was dealing w/ my car drama) in between this one inch space between our house and the concrete steps that lead into the backyard. BIG SIGH. Its 100 degrees outside, B is waiting in a hot car that isn't yet turned on while I'm scrounging a stick from the yard to try and pull the keys out from this one inch space so I can get her to a bday party. Ay yi yi. We get to the party, when its over we head home, Adam's still not back yet from dealing with car debacle, he gets home JUST as I need to walk out the door to a shoot (It was a lovely engagement session, but I'm not gonna lie, shooting in 100 degree heat leaves a little something to be desired). I'm tired... my life lately is making me tired. I got a lot of my photo stuff squared away this week on the new computer but I'm still not "up and running" yet. I'm hoping today to be back in business, fingers crossed!

Poor B, I think she got my nasty cold that took me down for 2.5 weeks, I hope it doesn't stick that long with her. She's all stuffy with a dry cough. Ugh.

Well, this week when I look at the calendar I feel like there should be some peace. I have a long list of to-dos today but it seems doable and not overwhelming like the past weeks. I think we're going to head to Houston this weekend to see some friends and go to an Astros game, that should be fun! And 1 baby shower and 2 birthday parties, doable. :) Tonight about 20 ladies are coming over to chat and hang out for the evening, should be fun...better get my house in order! :/ I hope everyone out there has a great Monday, hopefully I can get my computer in order and have a session to share soon! Thanks for checking in! xo

September 4, 2013

keepin on keepin on

I'm still alive...barely. I'm still in that hanging-by-a-thread place where I feel like I could very easily go over the edge. Sigh. My cold is still lingering, and (sorry men) I have horrendous cramps at the moment and just want to curl up in a ball and shut out the world for a few more days. Yesterday plain My sweet husband ended up taking on my new computer problems and solved several of my crisis (, so I feel a bit better about all of that today. It only took 2 attempts for my web designer to get back to me (that might be a record) so I was able to retrieve some much needed info from him in order to get back into my site, blog, etc.. Speaking of blog, just posted a mini session from Oregon, check it out HERE. I have no idea how or why but I'm able to blog better over here at the ol' blogger site and hyper links are working again -hooray! (would love to know what was wrong w/ my old computer that wouldn't allow such things??). So, anyhoo, yesterday I picked up B from school and we went out for cupcakes and to get a pedicure...I felt like I needed it. It helped...for a minute. :) Came home, got dinner ready for my college kiddos and officially had our first mi casa of the semester! It was smaller than usual, several of my darlings couldn't make it which was a bummer, but still great to hear about every one's summer, etc.. I fell into bed around 11pm and feel plain exhausted today. Sigh. Sorry for those of you who faithfully read this sad little blog! I've been such a downer lately! I just feel like I've gotten beat up the past 3+ wks and am waiting for the tides to turn. Brighter days are ahead...I just know it! Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday! xo

September 2, 2013


Ay yi yi...WHERE to even start?! Remember how I said we walked back into a train wreck after being gone for nearly 7 weeks? Well, the train wreck has yet to stop. I really am hopeful this week will bring the change we ALL need. Let's see, we ended up buying a new washer/dryer, but we couldn't really install the dryer b/c the hole in the floor wasn't big enough for the tubing to fit, etc. Got that all squared away (Thanks Clint!). I did laundry last night for the first time in AGES -so far I'm loving the new set!! (*this is the first new "whole" set we've ever had in 13 years of marriage, I now understand why folks get so excited over new appliances :).

My computer full on CRASHED a few days ago. BIG SIGH. To be fair, I knew it was on its last leg and thankfully had saved all the images to an external hard drive before the crash but there is just something so tragic and final about loosing your business lifeline permanently and all at once. Seriously, what I wouldn't give for 15 more minutes with my computer to save some essential links, photo things, etc. that I desperately need. For anyone who knows me at all you KNOW how much I hate change and how technical problems send me right over the edge. So, the combination of my brand new computer/ALL the issues of dealing with my lost necessities to running my business...I feel like there isn't enough air in the world to take a deep breath. I had a minor melt down last night...had to walk away from it all and bury myself in mindless television. I keep trying to look at the bright side, yay, new computer! Yay, the best week for it to happen, not shooting for a week! Yay, more updated technology to more efficiently do my job! (this one doesn't really excite me, now I'm just pretending). Sigh. As dramatic as it sounds, its been rough.

Oh, and to add insult to injury I've been SICK for nearly TWO WEEKS! I know its my body's way of falling apart after the stress that has been my life the past 3 weeks but, the timing is horrid (but really, WHEN is a good time to get sick anyway?). It all started in my neck, I could hardly turn my head for days, then it made its way to my throat, then it crept up to my sinuses where its decided to make its home for about a week. I'm Bright side, I do think I'm nearing the end...I can see the light.

In other news, I got all "its hot, I'm tired of having long hair" and went and had 5 inches cut off. Its okay, I've never had much of an opinion about my hair so whatever, but it does feel nice in this 100+ degree heat! Mi casa starts on Tuesday, part of me feels like I need another week to get my crap together but the wiser part of me knows that once my kids are in my house and making it loud and crazy and messy  - that that is where my heart will truly find peace and a sense of "normal." Having my house hustling and bustling with college students is what everyday life looks like in this house and I can't wait to hug on all my babies and hear about their summers. And technically mi casa kinda started last week, one of my kiddos thought it was start night and showed up and stayed a couple hours, cause really -why not? That's what we're here for, to do life and live with others in community, I know at the end of the day the other stuff doesn't matter -I just need to be reminded from time to time.

Well, this post got longer than what I set out to write. I guess I needed to purge a bit. Sorry for the major blog lulls lately, I DO think normalcy is just around the bend (I'm pretty much counting on it). I hope to be able to share more life stuff soon, so stay tuned. As always, thanks for reading. xo

August 26, 2013

ramping back up

Well, Baylor starts back today which means real life is back in full swing! Church was crazy yesterday as it always is at the beginning of every semester (although not AS crazy as when the David Crowder Band was leading worship, then it was an all out ZOO!). BUT The Digital Age helped lead worship yesterday and that was pretty darn awesome. It was good to see all of my mi casa darlings back, always a great thing. Adam and I told them after the craziness of being gone pretty much all summer, and the train wreck we walked back into, we needed one more week before we'd start up again. This week is recovery week. I think my body is rebelling against me, I'm feeling kinda sick and just overall exhausted. I'm looking forward to this week being one of recuperation and relaxation...much needed. I've tried a couple new recipes lately, and since I'm having a heck of a time with hyperlinks, you can google "Ina Garten's turkey meatloaf" and "pioneer woman's tortilla soup." Both were good! I didn't love the texture of the turkey meatloaf but, that's probably just me. :) Okay, I think that's all the news for now, gotta run to the store, meet someone for lunch, and buy a new washer/dryer! Hooray! Head on over to to check out this cute newbie! xo

August 23, 2013

wrapping it up

So I feel like we're finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We've been getting our house in order since we got home nearly 2 weeks ago and I finally feel like we're almost there. All those little to-dos that you mean to do and don't do....for years, well, we've been doing them and it feels SO good! Our house has never looked better and its super clean so I'm trying to keep it that way! Our bath tub is being re-surfaced as we speak. This job was done when we bought the house by the previous owner, but from the day we moved in and turned the water on, the tub started peeling. The owner of the house gave us such a great deal on this place b/c we were friends of a friend so the last thing we wanted to do was pester him with a $500 tub job. Well, needless to say, its been 3 years since we moved in and the peeling looks horrible so we are spending the money and gettin'erdone! The guy said it would take 4-5 hours, poor dude was here for 9 hours yesterday and still has to come back today! He said our tub is "one of the best ever made" and its been somewhat of a nightmare peeling the layers off and starting from scratch. It looks fantastic though, never knew our older tub could clean up so nicely! Sadly that's most of the news around here for now, its been a pretty uneventful week in the Winn casa. I'm editing a sweet newborn session that I'm eager to share soon and running errands today, that's about it! Tonight we're having dinner at our friend's house and enjoying a lazy weekend, can't wait! Hope the weekend is relaxing for all of you! Thanks for checking in! xo Peek!

August 18, 2013

it's been a week

Where to begin? This last week was a bit of a train wreck and I'm just now coming up for air. After the cancelled flight/car fiasco, then our dryer proceeded to die, Adam's computer started to die, and his car ended up needing a new alternator. Today Adam asked me "Have we only been home a week?" B/c it feels like its been ages when we think of all we've done/gone through this week! We had a guy out to fix some dry wall that was falling down in the tippy top, Adam and I finally painted the top part of the hallway that we've neglected for almost a year, and tomorrow we're taking the granite from our kitchen to the dump (finally)! It feels so good to check things off the to-do list that we've been meaning to get to for ages but haven't until now. B officially finished her first week of first grade, hooray for small victories! I think we were all hanging by a thread last week so I'm hopeful for better things this week. :) I've been spending long hours in front of my computer and just got this wedding blogged! Head on over to to check it out! xo

August 15, 2013


Check out this cute fam over at!! xo

August 13, 2013

a family blogged and more drama from yesterday

So yesterday was just a straight.up.nightmare. Pretty much anything that could go wrong, did. The real icing on the cake was when Adam went to change the flat tire on our car that was stuck at the airport, and turn in the rental car, and then realized THAT car had a dead battery as well. BIG SIGH. Internet, please remind me to never be gone so long makes coming home too much to handle!!! So, poor Adam was out in the 100 degree heat fixing the tire and jump starting our car. THEN, when he came home, he attempted to jump start our other car that we thought had a dead battery, turns out its not a battery issue, but likely a starter issue. Lovely. Car favorite. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Anyhow, I'm hopeful today will be a better day, it pretty much HAS to, right?!!

In other news B said school was fine (she's never been a huge fan of going to school so that's about the best I could hope for). She said her teacher was nice but said first grade was lots more work than kindergarten. Poor girl, reality hit hard and fast!

For some reason blogger hates me and I'm having trouble doing most everything so, sorry I have no hyper link but if you head on over to you can see my latest family session! (being stuck without a car yesterday gave me time to get some much needed work done! -there's my Pollyanna bright side!) Thanks for checking in! xo

August 12, 2013

Adventures in Getting Home/B's 1st day of 1st Grade

And.............................. breathe. So, the Winn family has been out of town for the past 6.5 weeks, we got home last night. Here's the deal, we needed to be in the northwest until the 10th, so we flew home on the 11th,(at the time of booking not realzing B's first day of school was on the 12th). Well, whatareyagonnado? You hunker down and make it work. BUT, you also count on your flight being on time, etc. Well, our flight out of Oregon was mostly on time, we then had a nearly 3 hour layover in Dallas before we were to catch our Waco flight home. Well, as we were about to board our last flight of the day and get home (the Waco airport is 10 mins from our home, its lovely) our flight gets cancelled!! NOOOOOOOOOO. We then had to take a shuttle to the car rental center, wait in a long line (at which time my phone battery dies and I'm trying to charge it while Adam is in line so at least we have some form of communication should we need it), Adam gets the car situation together, and we start the 2 hour drive home (and yes, I was feeling terribly nervous that we clearly didn't have a booster seat for B, sorry mom...we had no choice). So, we get to Waco, swing in a drive thru to grab some dinner, while we were driving home our friend graciously texted after seeing on instagram that our flight was cancelled and asked if she could pick up some groceries for us and bring them over. YES!!! (I have amazing friends)! I was planning to run to the store when we got home (which was supposed to be around 6:30pm to get some stuff to make B's lunch) but clearly, it was going to be late when we got home and that was a HUGE help to me. So, she was going to swing by right as we were getting home, perfect! SOOO, to make a long story longer, as we were about to pull into our drive way (I was giddy with anticipation of FINALLY being home), we realize we don't have keys to get in. DOH!!! My keys were with our friends who were keeping an eye on our house, and Adam checked his carry on bag at the last minute and put his keys IN THE BAG. SIGH. At this point we didn't know whether to laugh or cry and to add insult to injury my phone died AGAIN (b/c it only charged long enough at the rental car center to last about 2 hours). So, I had no way of contacting my friend who was going to be coming by any minute to drop off groceries, and I had to pee. So, Adam and I quickly decide to make our way to our friend's house before she leaves to head to our house, and she can text/call our other friends who have our house keys to let us in (when we got our rental car our luggage was still en route to Waco via a flight that was leaving hours later). So (anyone still reading?....crickets.......) we get to our friends house, they graciously welcomed us with open arms, had us come in, sit, relax, called our friends for us, they were about 20 or so minutes away and were on their way home. We were blessed to be forced (by our circumstances) to just sit and chat with our dear friends who we missed while we waited for our other friends to get home with our keys. Poor B was fading fast and we still needed to get her bathed and ready for her first day of school this morning. So, we ran to our friends house, got our keys, came home, Adam dropped off B and I while he went back to the airport to get our luggage, B got in the bath and I put her to bed...around 10pm (thankfully we were on Oregon time so it was really 8pm for us -still felt like bad parenting!). Well, Adam was thinking while he was at the airport he'd return the rental car and pick up our car that had been there for 6.5 weeks. make a long story EVEN LONGER, when he got to the airport he noticed our car had a flat tire. SIGH. So, all that to say, he got home around 11pm, without our car, but he did have our bags (HOORAY!!). We managed to get to bed around 1am after taking care some things here and there and woke up at 7am to get B out the door for her first day of school! Adam and I both took her, we got her there 3 minutes before the bell, she was the last kid to walk in, and to end this story with a cherry on top, Adam got called to jury duty so had to race to the courthouse to be there by 8:30am. Welcome home, Winns!! The End. Our big 1st Grader!!
**Update, I just went to get in Adam's car to go to the post office to get our mail, go to the grocery store, etc. and his car has a dead I'm stranded. Just wanted to make sure ya'll had the WHOLE picture of our life the past 24 hours. Sigh.

July 25, 2013

I've been on vacation....but I'm back!

Whew! THAT was a blog lull!! Sorry for those of you who are so gracious to check in often and to leave you hanging like that! Adam and I joined 6 of our dear friends for an AMAZING week in Cabo San Lucas, tuly an experience of a lifetime! We're back now and trying to catch up on work and life. This summer has been a whirlwind (as I knew it would be) and now I feel like the clock is ticking as B starts school in 17 days!! WHA?????? I'm thinking of changing my plane ticket and heading back to Texas a bit early...I'm having some anxiety about getting home the evening before B starts her first day of school and not even having any food in the house to make her lunch. Details, details. I've got my work cut out for my today and have a long date with my laptop so I'm gonna get to it! Head on over HERE to see this fun session in Oregon! Thanks for checking in! xo

July 9, 2013

Forgot to mention...

I blogged this maternity session over at (for some reason blogger hates me right now and I can't make links...grrr!). Check it out! xo

July 8, 2013

Cousins on the 4th of July ~ Black Butte 2013

So remember that time your mother-in-law asked you to photograph all of her grandchildren ages 14-3 and you were in the middle of the street shooting like crazy praying just ONE would turn out? Sigh. I wish sweet Peter looked a little happier but... whatareyagonnado? I hope you all had a very Happy 4th of July ~ we sure did! xo

June 24, 2013

13 years

Today Adam and I are celebrating 13 years of marriage, such a blessing. I would marry him all over again today, and tomorrow, and the day after that and the day after that....I'm thankful. Here's to the next 13, bearkins! xo

June 19, 2013

B Graduated!

Sweet B graduated from kindergarten last month! It was so fun to have grandma here to celebrate with us! She did a great job singing and well...graduating n' stuff. It was a sweet evening. Here's my big girl, graduating from St. Louis Kindergarten!