January 29, 2013

I'm tired

Sorry for the quiet/boring blog lately. I feel like I'm in the midst of a busy week but some peace is coming. Work at Baylor has slowed down a lot since the admissions deadline is right around the corner and they've been super sweet in agreeing to let me cut back my hours there since I could really use some more time in my days. My week is gonna be pretty busy with my commercial work so I apologize in advance for the quiet blog week ahead. I just wanted to check in and thank you all who check in regularly to keep up with Winn life. Not too much to report right now, we're all pretty busy these days and just working hard. I did try this new chicken recipe tonight, Adam and I both thought it was really tasty...B....not so much (I don't take it too personally though b/c she's a picky girl). I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for a new recipe to add to the ol' dinner rotation! (*sidenote, I'm not on pinterest but every once in a while I scour it for new recipes which is where I found this one!)

We have mi casa tonight so I gotta go get things ready for my darlings. Hope you all have a great week and check back in soon for more updates round these here parts. For now, I'll leave you with a peek of a maternity session I'm working on! xo


January 24, 2013

this hot mama....

is being blogged over HERE today, check it out! xo


January 22, 2013

Oh you, January

If you've been following my blog for any length of time now then you know January is my least favorite month of the year. This year it seems different from the past several years, different in a good way. I'm not sure if its b/c its been pretty busy with life and work or if its the fact that the weather has been decent (its supposed to be 77 degrees on Thursday!)? I'm not sure what to attribute it to but, whatever the reason, I'm grateful.

This past weekend was just plain great. It was SO nice having 4 days off to have dinners with friends, lazy mornings, a date with Adam, movie night with the girls, etc. I loved everything about this weekend and wish it wasn't over yet!

This time of year always leaves us with question marks and wonders. We never know if we'll have to move for Adam's job or if we'll get another year in Waco. We have a real peace this year which is such a blessing. When we moved to Waco we said it was home for at least 3 years unless some amazing opportunity came along. Well, it will be 3 years in June so if the Lord provides a reason to leave we're open to it but of course it will be bittersweet. I'll let ya'll know when we know anything but for now, as usual, we sit and wait, and trust of course. ;)

In random news (exciting news for me and Adam!) we are going on VACATION!!!! It has been nearly 8 years since Adam and I have gone on vacation sans B, its TIME. We booked a cruise to Mexico and are GIDDY with anticipation! We don't go for 4 more months but knowing its officially booked has me one happy girl!

I think this is all the news I have for now. I'm going to get blogging and have a post up on my other blog by tomorrow so check back in! xo

January 17, 2013

4 day weekend starring me in the face!

Just got off work and have a 4 day weekend ahead! Woot!! I'm trying to think of something fun for the fam to do since we have work/school off on Monday, wanna make the most of it! This semester just started but its in full swing around here! Poor Adam has some busy days with his new schedule and mi casa is back ON! We had a full house on Tuesday night and it was awesome. ALL of my darlings were here and it was so fun to hear about everyone's break and one of my dears got engaged!! (which we already knew, he texted us a photo right after he popped the question!). It was fun to hear the story and to celebrate with him! The mom in me can't believe he's getting married, I feel like 2 seconds ago these guys came through my door as freshman and now they are getting married and all growed up! Sniff! He asked me to photograph their engagements so those two love birds will make a blog appearance in a bit. Happy sigh. Man I love these guys.

Things around here are getting back to normal and it feels good after weeks of vacation/sickness/new schedules, etc.. I love normalcy. I've had a chance to get caught up on blogging so head over HERE to see this fun family! Have a great holiday weekend all! xo


January 13, 2013

Mel's Baby Shower

This weekend 3 friends and I hosted a baby shower for our sweet friend, Melody. The "theme" was gray/white chevron stripe with lime green accents. Here is a peek at her special day! xo


January 10, 2013

I think we're gonna make it

After WEEKS of sickness I think the Winns are finally coming out of it. B has missed the last few days of school but we're planning to send her back tomorrow. I don't want to jinx it but I think we might be getting back on track around here! Whew! I've been busy getting ready for a shower that me and several friends are hosting this weekend, hope it turns out cute! Pics to come. For now head on over here to see more of these cuties. xo


January 8, 2013

sick day and life lately in instagrams

Well, we took B to the dr on Friday, thought she was on the mend and sent her to school. Yesterday when I got home from work/running errands I noticed she felt warm. Poor girl has a fever again and woke up early this morning with an upset stomach. So, its a sick day for me and B b/c Adam had to head back to work today. I haven't "called in sick" to work in probably over 6 years! (it was high time I'd say :)

 Its stormy and rainy here today, a perfect day to stay in, snuggle on the couch and be cozy. B seems okay, not sure what is going on with her, a fever on and off for 5 days is weird...hoping she'll be her normal self tomorrow.

Being home sick also gives me time to blog, yay! Here are some instagrams of the past month of Winn life.


1. I made these peppermint cookies for the first time over Christmas break, they were SO good and will be on my list from now on!

2. Of course my daughter would draw a picture of Santa with his sled being lead my unicorns versus reindeer

3. Our {sad} looking gingerbread house (attempt #2)

4. I tried a new recipe for chicken tortilla soup, pretty good!

5. We stopped at In N' Out on our way to the Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas, SOOOO good and made me miss my southern California life. Sniff.

6. I asked B to pack her necessities for our stay at the GWL, I came out to find 2 unicorns and 1 dog, lets hope we're never stranded on a remote island together!

7. As part of B's Christmas we surprised her by taking her to the American Girl Doll store on Christmas Eve. She had to close her eyes and then opened them at the door, it was kind of awesome and a great parent moment to be a part of. Ahh...the magic of Christmas....

8. We spent Christmas Eve/Christmas day at the Great Wolf Lodge! It was a super fun way to celebrate, just the 3 of us.

9. I made my first ever pecan pie! Thanks Pioneer Woman for the DELICIOUS recipe!!

10. Santa brought some apple to me and Adam...thanks Santa. :)

11. My view for MANY days, its still my view actually. Day #11 and the cough/stuffy nose lingers on...

12. My sick baby girl asleep on the couch

13. My new counter tops!!! (minus the backsplash that won't get done for a while)

14. Me mocking some poor sap who is applying to Baylor but not Baylor, ay yi yi!

15. Mint chip cookies, aka more counter tops :)

January 6, 2013

I spoke too soon

So the night (or night after...can't remember) that I wrote how B hadn't gotten sick yet...she woke up at 2am throwing up. Sigh. Poor girl. We have been put through the ringer in this house! I am still hacking up a lung but I do think I'm FINALLY on the mend. So far 2013 is not one for the record books, I'm hoping this isn't the trajectory for the rest of the year.

I haven't put away all of my Christmas decor or set my new years goals yet. I'm feeling a tad behind. B heads back to school tomorrow and Adam's classes start back up this week. I started back at Baylor last week but only 2 days so "real life" begins tomorrow in the Winn house. Vacation has been lovely and relaxing (other than the plague), really long, lazy days that were much needed after our hectic fall.

Our new counter tops were put in yesterday! FINALLY! They look really pretty and the kitchen is so much lighter and brighter so I love that of course! Now the back splash is the next thing to get done. You know how when you fix one thing it just leads to another and another? Well, I'm thinking the cabinets might need to be painted a brighter white now. Sigh. The counters are SO white that it makes the cabinets look a little yellowish rather than plain white. Not a huge task per se but yet another task on my seemingly never-ending list. A.L.W.A.Y.S. S.O.M.E.T.H.I.N.G.

I will upload some pics and get those posted soon! I do some commercial work for a local realtor and I have some [boring] house photos staring me in the face that must come first -boo! More to come! xo

January 3, 2013

Happy New Year, all!

Happy New Year, everyone! Sorry for the blog lull, we have been sick around here! It started with Adam, he passed it onto me, and so far it appears B has remained safe but she has had a dry cough so...fingers crossed this passes her by! I have felt n.a.s.t.y. the past week, no way to start off 2013! I have however been editing some from my bed so, head on over HERE to see more of this newborn! More life, stuff, randomness to come soon. xo