January 8, 2013

sick day and life lately in instagrams

Well, we took B to the dr on Friday, thought she was on the mend and sent her to school. Yesterday when I got home from work/running errands I noticed she felt warm. Poor girl has a fever again and woke up early this morning with an upset stomach. So, its a sick day for me and B b/c Adam had to head back to work today. I haven't "called in sick" to work in probably over 6 years! (it was high time I'd say :)

 Its stormy and rainy here today, a perfect day to stay in, snuggle on the couch and be cozy. B seems okay, not sure what is going on with her, a fever on and off for 5 days is weird...hoping she'll be her normal self tomorrow.

Being home sick also gives me time to blog, yay! Here are some instagrams of the past month of Winn life.


1. I made these peppermint cookies for the first time over Christmas break, they were SO good and will be on my list from now on!

2. Of course my daughter would draw a picture of Santa with his sled being lead my unicorns versus reindeer

3. Our {sad} looking gingerbread house (attempt #2)

4. I tried a new recipe for chicken tortilla soup, pretty good!

5. We stopped at In N' Out on our way to the Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas, SOOOO good and made me miss my southern California life. Sniff.

6. I asked B to pack her necessities for our stay at the GWL, I came out to find 2 unicorns and 1 dog, lets hope we're never stranded on a remote island together!

7. As part of B's Christmas we surprised her by taking her to the American Girl Doll store on Christmas Eve. She had to close her eyes and then opened them at the door, it was kind of awesome and a great parent moment to be a part of. Ahh...the magic of Christmas....

8. We spent Christmas Eve/Christmas day at the Great Wolf Lodge! It was a super fun way to celebrate, just the 3 of us.

9. I made my first ever pecan pie! Thanks Pioneer Woman for the DELICIOUS recipe!!

10. Santa brought some apple to me and Adam...thanks Santa. :)

11. My view for MANY days, its still my view actually. Day #11 and the cough/stuffy nose lingers on...

12. My sick baby girl asleep on the couch

13. My new counter tops!!! (minus the backsplash that won't get done for a while)

14. Me mocking some poor sap who is applying to Baylor but not Baylor, ay yi yi!

15. Mint chip cookies, aka more counter tops :)


Anonymous said...

Poor B!!! She's hardly ever sick-so glad you can stay home with her.
Give her a kiss from Doggie Grandma.
thanks for the pics - food looks yummy and what a fun trip for Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Please give B a hug and kiss from Grandma Kemi too. I'm praying that she will be feeling well very soon!

Yes,all the food looks delicious - I'd love to try those peppermint cookies. And the countertops look beautiful!