February 27, 2013

I'm feelin' like its time for that vacation

Oh life. Big sigh. I'm exhausted. I honestly don't know where the hours in the day go. Tonight at our parents group at church we're going to be talking about "busyness" and what it looks like/means to be a part of serving, etc. in the midst of our already crazy lives. I don't think life was meant to be this way, I don't think we were created to be running around like chickens with our heads cut off and have little time for people or the Lord. I think I could stand to re-evaluate my own life a bit and take a step back and see what I could do differently. I guess my fear is that the answer could be "nothing." The reality is you have to work to live, making dinner, going to the store, child pick up from school, etc. are all important things that need to get done. I realize I'm rambling a bit here, I don't know what the "answer" is but I'm looking forward to church tonight and hearing others' thoughts on the matter.

This poor blog has been so neglected...I've been toiling with the idea of letting it die a slow death. :) Any one care? (.........................crickets.............................)

Speaking of dinner (bad segue) I have been trying new recipes lately, just been too busy to actually write them down to share. Here are a few things:

I made this sour cream chicken the other night. To be honest, it was just okay, if you want to give it a whirl I would add less salt than it recommends.

I made this goulash recipe two nights ago and it was a hit! Even B ate it! Here's my 2 cents, double the cream cheese/sour cream mixture, I really felt like it needed more, and add mushrooms and/or onions, it could use more flavor and another texture in my opinion.

Okay any one who may be out there, thanks for reading! I have a to-do list starring my in the face, must hop on it! Here is a peek of a cute senior, more to come! xo


February 19, 2013

V-Day Re-Cap

Adam and I rarely do much for Valentine's Day so this year, I decided to go big or go home. I told Adam to not even think about it, I had a plan. I am so thrilled I was able to pull it off without spilling the beans (which I almost did 3 days prior) and without someone else accidentally saying something. Two of my mi casa darlings agreed to watch B for the night....the whole night, and take her to school the next day. Adam knew we were going to dinner but he didn't know where, and I think he assumed that would be about it. I made reservations (several weeks in advance) at this swanky restaurant that I've been hearing about for years but hadn't tried. So, at 7pm we started on our date, first stop was 135 Prime, then we headed to the movies, then we spent the night at Hotel Indigo. I didn't tell him where we were going at any turn, when we pulled into the hotel parking lot he said "Are we getting a drink?" I said "We aren't going home." :) SCORE! His reply: "best valentines EVER!!" Success! We grabbed a drink before heading up to our room (which I had checked into previously that day and put Adam's favorite candies by the bed along with his valentine). We ordered room service for breakfast the next day and had a fabulous time. Fun surprise. :) Hope you all had a lovely day of love too. xo 007009008011

February 15, 2013


Valentine's Day was wonderful and went just how I had planned! More on that later. For today I'm blogging this cake recipe over HERE and a photo of me and B from many moons ago is being blogged HERE! Happy Friday every one, have a great weekend! xo


February 12, 2013

part part time

Whew! This is my first week to cut my part time schedule back at Baylor to part part time...so far I'm not feeling the "extra" time! I had a long to-do list for Monday that only got half done. Tonight is mi casa, one of my darlings is turning 21 this week so he requested that I make dinner tonight and a specific cake that his mom makes...hope it turns out! I've been shooting commercially like crazy lately so all of my time has been spent shooting/editing houses for a local realtor. Not enough hours in the day!! This poor blog has gotten the shaft and I'm sorry to my faithful readers about that!

Not too much going on around here, Adam is working like a mad man, B is working hard in school and getting lots of 100% on her homework (she memorized the Lord's prayer for part of her homework this week so that's fun to hear). This week we worked on her valentine box for school and she made valentines for every.kkindergartner.in.her.school (they have to bring them for both classes, not just their own, its nuts!). Needless to say we both enjoyed it for the first 5 or so and then...it just got plain tedious! I think we'll be back to store bought valentines for next year at this rate! I got roped into making cupcakes for her school party, fingers crossed they look cute...I'm trying a new frosting recipe a gal from church gave me.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and then begins the season of Lent. I'm trying to decide what to "give up" this year...last year I gave up dessert, it only went okay. I'm thinking of giving up bread but man...that's gonna be rough!!! Whatever I do its going to have to wait until after Valentine's Day as I've got big plans for Adam and I! We rarely do much for v-day so this year I told him not to even think about it, I had a plan and he just needed to show up! He has no idea what we're doing, but its going to involve good food and some time away...just the two of us! I'm pretty darn excited (and so thankful to 2 of my "kids" for watching B). The older I get the more I appreciate/like Valentine's Day, I realize we don't need an excuse to do something fun for the ones we love but I really do enjoy doing something extra sweet for B and this year, surprising my love. Fun.

I think that's all the news for now, I have one more house I need to edit before my kiddos come over tonight! Have a lovely rest of your day. xo

February 11, 2013

this engagement session...

is being blogged over HERE today! Check it out! xo


February 4, 2013

these cute parents-to-be...

....are being blogged over HERE! xo


February 3, 2013

good weekend

It was a good weekend, on Friday night we ended up driving out to Clifton (about 45 mins from here) and ate some good BBQ, I spent all day Saturday in Austin with Bonnie, we ate good food, had good coffee, and great conversation, fun day. Sunday we went to church, out to lunch with some friends, I had a photo shoot, then went to some friends house to watch the super bowl . Fun! This is my last full week at Baylor, looking forward to having some more free time on my hands. My house is a pit, there are dust bunnies the size of small rodents on my floor....somethings got to be done. There just aren't enough hours in the day I tell ya! I hope you all had a great weekend, feel free and share what you did if you want to. :) Here is a peek of a fun engagement session, lots more to come! xo