February 12, 2013

part part time

Whew! This is my first week to cut my part time schedule back at Baylor to part part time...so far I'm not feeling the "extra" time! I had a long to-do list for Monday that only got half done. Tonight is mi casa, one of my darlings is turning 21 this week so he requested that I make dinner tonight and a specific cake that his mom makes...hope it turns out! I've been shooting commercially like crazy lately so all of my time has been spent shooting/editing houses for a local realtor. Not enough hours in the day!! This poor blog has gotten the shaft and I'm sorry to my faithful readers about that!

Not too much going on around here, Adam is working like a mad man, B is working hard in school and getting lots of 100% on her homework (she memorized the Lord's prayer for part of her homework this week so that's fun to hear). This week we worked on her valentine box for school and she made valentines for every.kkindergartner.in.her.school (they have to bring them for both classes, not just their own, its nuts!). Needless to say we both enjoyed it for the first 5 or so and then...it just got plain tedious! I think we'll be back to store bought valentines for next year at this rate! I got roped into making cupcakes for her school party, fingers crossed they look cute...I'm trying a new frosting recipe a gal from church gave me.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and then begins the season of Lent. I'm trying to decide what to "give up" this year...last year I gave up dessert, it only went okay. I'm thinking of giving up bread but man...that's gonna be rough!!! Whatever I do its going to have to wait until after Valentine's Day as I've got big plans for Adam and I! We rarely do much for v-day so this year I told him not to even think about it, I had a plan and he just needed to show up! He has no idea what we're doing, but its going to involve good food and some time away...just the two of us! I'm pretty darn excited (and so thankful to 2 of my "kids" for watching B). The older I get the more I appreciate/like Valentine's Day, I realize we don't need an excuse to do something fun for the ones we love but I really do enjoy doing something extra sweet for B and this year, surprising my love. Fun.

I think that's all the news for now, I have one more house I need to edit before my kiddos come over tonight! Have a lovely rest of your day. xo


Anonymous said...

You sound busier than ever! Wish I could have been there to help out with the Valentines cards - I remember those days:) Excited for you and Adam to have a getaway and for B to be spoiled by your "kids":)


Kemi Winn said...

Life never seems to slow down for long! How sweet of you to plan a Valentines Day surprise with your very busy schedule. Those commercial shoots sound like a great opportunity