February 19, 2013

V-Day Re-Cap

Adam and I rarely do much for Valentine's Day so this year, I decided to go big or go home. I told Adam to not even think about it, I had a plan. I am so thrilled I was able to pull it off without spilling the beans (which I almost did 3 days prior) and without someone else accidentally saying something. Two of my mi casa darlings agreed to watch B for the night....the whole night, and take her to school the next day. Adam knew we were going to dinner but he didn't know where, and I think he assumed that would be about it. I made reservations (several weeks in advance) at this swanky restaurant that I've been hearing about for years but hadn't tried. So, at 7pm we started on our date, first stop was 135 Prime, then we headed to the movies, then we spent the night at Hotel Indigo. I didn't tell him where we were going at any turn, when we pulled into the hotel parking lot he said "Are we getting a drink?" I said "We aren't going home." :) SCORE! His reply: "best valentines EVER!!" Success! We grabbed a drink before heading up to our room (which I had checked into previously that day and put Adam's favorite candies by the bed along with his valentine). We ordered room service for breakfast the next day and had a fabulous time. Fun surprise. :) Hope you all had a lovely day of love too. xo 007009008011


Kelly said...

That sounds like the perfect celebration - well planned & executed, Molls!

Anonymous said...

Sounds divine!!!! What a great surprise - you thought of everything!! That tenderloin looks to die for!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed!!! How can you top a surprise like that -- You've set a very high bar!


Anonymous said...

Sounds perfect! I love planning surprise dates like that, it's so fun. Glad you two had fun!

Jen said...

Wow! You inspired me to step up my game next year. :) Looks like a fun night.