March 12, 2013

I forget about real life

During spring break I forget about real life going on, I tend to think the whole world is on spring break. I guess that's what happens when you're married to a professor, live in a college town that all of a sudden feels empty, go to a college church that practically is empty, and your kid is home all day. I should be at work today, technically this was going to be my last week at Baylor until I realized Adam still had to teach at one of this jobs, and B would have no one home with her -oops! So next week will be my last week at Baylor (which means I'm really only leaving 1 week before the job is officially over). I really drug out that departure! So far spring break has been off to a chill start. Poor B was pretty bored yesterday since Adam and I both had a good amount of work to do. We're trying to get all caught up before we head to San Antonio on Friday (which is when spring break really starts for the Winns). B even gets to miss 1 extra day of school! Last night British Jon had us over for dinner, he made a feast and I'm still full at nearly 10am this morning. B fell asleep in one of his chairs b/c we were there so late, but that's what spring break is all about right?! Staying out late, sleeping in, lounging around, etc... Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist (ICK!). I've been dreading it, I haven't gone in I don't know how long and I'm not looking forward to what he will likely find! I'm sure there is a cavity or something looming! I hate going to the dentist, I'd pretty much rather do anything else (which, is why I supposed as an adult that I haven't forced myself to go - mom doesn't make me do it any more!).

Tonight some good friends are going out to dinner to try and cheer up a friend who's home was robbed this week. Sigh. That's the harsh reality of living in Waco...people get robbed all.the.time. So many of our friends have had their homes broken into, its so sad. Lots of her jewelry was stolen, precious things from relatives that she can't buy back. I hope dinner tonight takes her mind off things for a bit. Our home was broken into (while we were sleeping) when we lived in California, that peace of mind is something that I don't know ever fully comes back. Its such a violating feeling. So if you think of it, send some prayers for my friend.

I think I'd rambled long enough here today, no? I hope whether you're on spring break or not that you are having a great week! Thanks for checking in. xo

*weather for the week  (as opposed to where I'm from :) *B asleep at Jon's last night *my backyard a few nights ago *Jon's table as we walked into his house last night

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like your week is off to a nice start! Wish I was there to play with B:)
Have a wonderful break - FUN time in San Antonio - and I'm so sorry about the dentist - know exactly how you feel!!