March 1, 2013

the blog lives to die another day

Well, I still don't really know what the future looks like for this sad little blog but I'm still pluggin' along today! We had a fun surprise, cousin Mike was in town from the Bahamas for work and he came from Dallas to Waco yesterday to see us! I barely got the sheets clean/bed made from my bro-in-law who was here last weekend before Mike walked in the door! We love to have him and convinced him to change his plane ticket and stay a little longer. :) I had a pretty wide open day today (in which I was planning to get caught up on things that always seem to get neglected, ie cleaning, laundry, etc.) as you can imagine, I'd much rather play with Mike! Adam has to teach 1 class today so Mike and I are going on a "date" to the movies. :)

Several of you have asked about my church gathering on Wednesday and if I have an "tidbits" to share. Really, the time ended up being about how to serve our community here in Waco in the midst of busyness and to brainstorm some ideas abuot what that might look like so...sorry, not too helpful to the masses. I do think March will be crazy no matter which way I slice it, but I think some reprieve will come in April. I just need to time manage well and stay on top of things. With that said, if the blog is super quiet in faithful readers have been warned. :)

Last night for dinner I made Coq Au Vin with roasted potatoes. B even liked it! Its an adaptation from an Ina Garten recipe and similar to other things I've made by Ina...super tasty and really didn't take too long.

All right dear readers, I'm gonna get going. I need to run to the bank, post office, and drop some photos off to the realtor I work for before my big date with Mike! Have a great weekend!! xo

Here are some random instagrams from Winn life as of late:

B's wedding of her 2 weenie dogs, me and B waiting for daddy and uncle abel to get back from the airport (they took forever!), adam and i ate breakfast together last Friday morning and it was lovely, british jon turned 38 and had a bbq to celebrate!


Anonymous said...

Your mom is going to love the wedding pictures.

Anonymous said...

So glad that Mike got to spend some time with you. I'm surprised that he was on a work related trip since he's almost finished with that job.

Looks like B has a new addition to her puppy family.


Anonymous said...

OHMYGOSH - That wedding is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!! Wish I could have been there for the ceremony:)
So glad you got to see Mike and have such a fun visit!