March 4, 2013

We love cousin Mike!

Cousin Mike was in town from the Bahamas this weekend and it was so fun! Adam worked Friday so Mike and I went to lunch and saw "Jack Reacher" (lame movie but good company so I'll call it a win!). That night we got a sitter and the 3 of us went and saw "Zero Dark Thirty," interesting to see the story unfold. Saturday we headed down to Austin and had lunch at the YUMMY Hula Hut, went shopping to get some things Mike needed, and stopped for cupcakes before heading home. As always, the visit went too fast but we loved having him. Now its already Monday morning, I'm rushing out the door to get to Bible study but head on over HERE to see pics of a cutie patootie senior. Happy Monday, all! xo



Kemi Winn said...

Sounds and looks like you had a great time with Mike. Glad you get to go to Bible Study now that you've cut back on work.

michael said...

Thanks Molly, I had a great time as always. You are a great host. It's always a blast seeing you, Adam, and of course B. She is growing up fast!