March 26, 2013


I remember when I was in elementary school my mom saying it seemed like we were out of school more than we were in, well, now that my daughter is in kindergarten, AND since I pay for private school I feel much more aware of how many days she is out of school. She just had spring break, that's great so did everyone else, now its Easter break. That's fine, getting out at noon on Thursday, getting Friday and Monday off, I get that. But here's the real kicker, there is some Catholic training that the whole school is required to attend and so B has off THE WHOLE FOLLOWING NEXT WEEK OF SCHOOL. I'm sorry, but that is RIDICULOUS TO ME! She just had spring break for petesake!! BUT, here's the REAL kicker...when I picked her up from school yesterday she seemed "off," pretty lethargic and tired and just not her usual self. Sure enough, a couple hours later she had a fever. Sigh. So, she's home from school today, and the likelihood of her going back before she gets out at noon on Thursday is probably not real high. So, her 1 week and 1.5 day  break is going to turn into nearly 2 full weeks!! You better believe I asked her teacher if I got a discount on tuition this month! (I don't, in case you're wondering).  So, this was going to be "my week," my first week off at Baylor and my first real week to get things done. Sigh. Obviously I'm sad my kid doesn't feel well, that goes without saying I hope, but man, 2 weeks Well, I'm going to continue my pity party while I edit these two lovebirds. Prayers for my kid are appreciated. :) xo



Anonymous said...

I feel your pain....have been there. Have been praying for Brennan - hope she feels better today. Lots of snuggle time:)

Anonymous said...

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