April 5, 2013

B on Easter 2013

Every year I drag B outside on Easter morning to take a picture of her in her Easter dress, and every year, its 5 minutes of torture. I'm not sure what has happened but about a year ago, whenever I get my camera out to take her picture she says she can't open her eyes because its "too bright"  (she says this when there is no sun in the sky). Sigh. So, here is all I got, not great but it will have to do. :)


A couple days before Easter I took this picture right when I got home from a shoot and so I had my camera in my hand and B was happy to let me snap for 30 seconds. I think I'll pretend this is her real Easter photo this year. :) This photo better portrays who my girl really is at this stage in her life. I love this face!



Anonymous said...

I LOVE this girl!!!! What precious pictures - Mother's day is coming up and I think Grandma needs one or more of these:)

Anonymous said...


Kemi Winn said...

I love them all! The pictures taken on Easter are so so sweet. Syl, I agree -- this grandma needs one too.

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful on both days...Love her dress!