April 19, 2013

dinner party line up & a cute senior

Fun things are happening today in the Winn house! My father-in-law flies in today, yay! B is so excited and keeps asking "When will granddad be here?!" Tonight I'm hosting a dinner party for our friend British Jon who recently got tenure at Baylor! This is no small feat, and I wanted him to feel celebrated so here is the line up for dinner:

Appetizer: Shrimp Cocktail

Dinner: Short Ribs with Wine and Cream

Mixed Field Greens with candied pecans, gorgonzola, and cranberries


Sundried Tomato and Mushroom Macaroni and Cheese (which I've linked before)

Dessert: Blackberry Cheesecake or Apple Raspberry Pie A La Mode

So, I've come to realize why I don't host more dinner parties, for tonight's line up (I love you ALL), we have 2 folks who are lactose intolerant, therefore I have to keep the cheese out of the salad and let folks put it on themselves, they likely won't eat the mac n' cheese, and the guest of honor requested a fruity cheesecake which they can't eat. I have another guest who can't eat nuts, therefore, the pecans will have to stay on the side of the salad, and therefore I had to make another dessert b/c there are pecans in the crust of the cheesecake (and the 2 lactose intolerant guests need an additional option). Two of the guests are ethicatarians and will only eat meat purchased from the World Relief Hunger Farm or the farmers market. Well, the farmers market isn't until tomorrow so I missed that boat, and the Hunger Farm didn't have the specific meat I needed for tonight's meal (I really would've trekked all the way out there to buy it if they had it). I'm hoping the macaroni dish will be sufficient as a main meal with the salad, and that at least one of the desserts is accommodating to everyone. Sigh. It's tough to feed the masses, no?! :) I'm delighted to have everyone over to celebrate Jon, it will be super fun, and really, the more food options the better right? :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We have a birthday party, a bridal shower, and a love feast at church, should be fun! Now, head on over HERE to check out this senior! xo



Anonymous said...

OHMYGOSH - Do you have room for one more? Sounds heavenly!!! I know you will have so muich fun. British Jon has been such a blessing to your family and how nice that you can celebrate him with your friends in your lovely home and with your amazing cooking.
And what a bonus to have Doug!!!

Robin said...

I'm going to make the short ribs tonight for dinner. I'll let you know how they turn out.

I was so concerned when the huge explosion happened near Waco! I was afraid you would be forced to evacuate or have serious health issues from the toxic nonsense in the air. I'm so thankful you weren't hurt.... so sorry for those who were.

Kelly said...

It IS tough to feed the masses! I'm coordinating a baby shower for a co-worker whose wife and children have various allergies, plus the different food tastes of the others at work. Goodness! Those short-ribs sound divine, though. (If only the mom-to-be wasn't off dairy... :-)