April 30, 2013

it's "that" time

I've been anticipating "this" time for a while now, last week was the calm before the storm but now...IT'S ON! I got back from Seattle last night, worked most of the night and then proceeded to lay in bed until 1am thinking of all I had to get done in the next 3 and a half weeks before Adam and I go (on our MUCH needed) vacation! It's going to be a busy time ya'll...the blog will likely be very quiet so I apologize in advance! I have MUCH to blog but also MUCH to edit in the next month so I can actually relax and enjoy my vacation. So, feel free to send some prayers of peace and efficiency my way! :) I have another wedding to shoot this weekend and B is the flower girl so that makes it even more fun/special (and its one of "my kids" so its already extra special :). Here is a peek from the wedding I shot on Saturday in Seattle ~ it didn't rain!!! It was windy and chilly but no rain so hooray for that!! Much more to come!! xo



Kemi Winn said...

What a fun and unique wedding photo - no doubt where this wedding took place! So eager to see more!

I am thanking God for holding back the rain and will be praying for and efficiency in the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Love this pic! Yes, can't wait to see the rest:)
Pace yourself, tootums:) Miss you so much already!!!

Kelly said...

From this photo I could see it was going to be a fabulous wedding and having just looked at the full post - WOWZA! You knocked this out of the park so hard.