April 26, 2013

mental health week

I took a "mental health week" starting on Tuesdayish and it was much needed. I have really felt that since August that we've been extremely busy and haven't had 2 seconds of peace. Don't get me wrong, we've done lots of fun things, its just been busy. This was the first week since B has gone back to school where I felt like I had a couple days to just be. I was caught up on work, we didn't have much social stuff going on, the laundry was done, the house wasn't a total disaster, and I actually had time to just sit and it was glorious. Yesterday was the most beautiful Waco day so for the first time since living here, I grabbed a blanket, and laid on our back porch (for lack of a better word, we don't really have a back porch). It was so nice to soak up some sun and just relax for an hour or so before picking B up from school. Ahhh. Today I need to pack and get on the road to Austin to catch my flight to Seattle. I've been watching the weather in Seattle like a hawk! Its changed numerous times, for now its showing a sun with rain and a high of 61 degrees on Saturday. As long as we get a little break from the rain I'll take it!! I'm sure it will be a lovely wedding, I already can't wait to share the photos with you! Adam and Doug are picking up the tile for the back splash as I type, can't wait to come home and see how it all turns out! Yay!!

Well folks, I think that's all I got for now...hope everyone has a lovely weekend! xo

(Here are some random instagrams of Winn life as of late):

B with Granddad, the apple/raspberry pie I made for British Jon, a stop sign I got at a Magnolia show that I have no idea what to do with (I had a plan, it didn't work out), and a random pic B drew at school of Saint Katharine and an Indian?



Kemi Winn said...

B looks so tall (sweet pic), the pie looks yummy, the stop sign is interesting and the picture is adorable. Glad you got a couple days of rest - it exhaust me just to read about all you have going on!

Looking forward to the wedding photos!


Kelly said...

I need that pie recipe!

Kelly said...

Ps. And I always advocate a 'Mental Health Week'. :-)