April 12, 2013

the show & engagements

I've had a couple folks ask me about the show I hosted at my home last week so I thought I'd share! Magnolia and Plum are well-known here in Waco and they teamed up and decided to host a trunk show! Basically Magnolia brought home decor items and Plum brought clothing/jewelry, etc. and ladies came and went all day purchasing fun things. It was fun! You too can purchase from Plum and Magnolia, so shop from your living room and enjoy! Here is a peek at the day. xo

1. set up the night before 2. show 3. show 4. show 5. rosemary lemon bundt cake

Now head on over HERE to check out an engagement session!


Robin said...

Everything looks lovely - and the food table probably smelled like lemon! What a great job you do, Molly. Hospitality takes time and effort and is rare. . . You shine.

Molly W. said...

Ah, thank you, sweet Aunt Robin. xoxo

Kemi Winn said...

I second everything Robin said!

Anonymous said...

Can I third?