May 8, 2013

May is moving right along....

Well, its officially the end of the semester here in Waco. Last night was our last mi casa of the semester...sniff! It always comes so fast!! We grilled burgers and sat outside chatting, and then played some games before they had to hit the books and get ready for finals. I always miss them when they are gone for the summer, Waco gets really empty with Baylor on break. I really can't wrap my mind around the fact that we "got" these "kids" as freshman and they are about to start their senior year -whaaaaaaaa!!!

Deep breath..well, I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet gal's senior portraits, they are being blogged over HERE, check it out! Happy Wednesday, all! xo


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Robin said...

Great pictures of this lovely girl! I looked at your other website and my favorite one is the black and white one. I'm also heartened to hear of your love for your mi casa 'kids'. In a world where God is still Love, people who reflect that love are my heroes.