May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Wrap-Up & life update

T-13 days until vacation, I literally can.not.wait. Adam and I have dubbed this our "work hard/play hard" year. I honestly don't know the last time either of us have logged as many hours working as we have this past year. This past month has been especially intense and we're both trying to keep our heads above water. BUT, the silver lining is that we get to play hard this year too. As I've mentioned before, Adam and I haven't gone on a legit vacation, just the 2 of us in 8 years (ridiculous!). So, this month we're cruising for 7 days, I don't even know exactly where we're stopping on the cruise and honestly....I don't care either! I just want to lay by the pool with a fruity drink in my hand and chill the day away with my favorite person. We both are feeling especially spoiled b/c some dear friends of ours have a time share that they invited us to join them at in July!! So, we get another vacation! (we're making up for lost time :). So, in July we'll head to Cabo San Lucas with some friends for a week and we're pretty stoked about that too! Hooray for vacation and the light at the end of this very looooooooooong tunnel!

Happy Mother's Day (yesterday) to all you moms out there!! And especially to my mom who of course I think is the very best. :) My brood made me feel very special and loved yesterday. The day started off with my sweet husband getting me my favorite drink from Starbucks and my girl giving me a homemade magnet, then we went to church, then out to this hibachi restaurant (there's something about them making the food right in front of you that feels extra special and fun), then we went to our friends house and hung out with some of our favorite Waco folks for the afternoon, came home, chatted with my mom for over an hour, then Adam and I went on a date! Our friends The Digital Age were playing a show here in Waco so it was fun to watch them do their thang! Then we randomly met up with some friends who we don't get to see enough and we went out for dessert and chatted late into the night. It was a great day and I loved every bit! I felt very spoiled indeed!

Today I set aside for working so I better get to it! Thanks to everyone who continues to check in on us, so appreciated. xo

*some instagrams from yesterday


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect day! and as nice as it would have been to have you here, it was wonderful to "spend telephone time" with you!!!
I love you so much!!!!

Kelly said...

Vacations are food for the soul - glad you get to indulge this year!