July 8, 2013

Cousins on the 4th of July ~ Black Butte 2013

So remember that time your mother-in-law asked you to photograph all of her grandchildren ages 14-3 and you were in the middle of the street shooting like crazy praying just ONE would turn out? Sigh. I wish sweet Peter looked a little happier but... whatareyagonnado? I hope you all had a very Happy 4th of July ~ we sure did! xo


Anonymous said...

What beautiful children! Can't wait to see more pics of your fun time in BB.

Robin said...

I'd say this one 'turned out' very well! They are having a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting three of these kids primed for the next week when they were a group of 8 again. This time at the beach. The hardest job any photographer can be asked to do...their family.