August 12, 2013

Adventures in Getting Home/B's 1st day of 1st Grade

And.............................. breathe. So, the Winn family has been out of town for the past 6.5 weeks, we got home last night. Here's the deal, we needed to be in the northwest until the 10th, so we flew home on the 11th,(at the time of booking not realzing B's first day of school was on the 12th). Well, whatareyagonnado? You hunker down and make it work. BUT, you also count on your flight being on time, etc. Well, our flight out of Oregon was mostly on time, we then had a nearly 3 hour layover in Dallas before we were to catch our Waco flight home. Well, as we were about to board our last flight of the day and get home (the Waco airport is 10 mins from our home, its lovely) our flight gets cancelled!! NOOOOOOOOOO. We then had to take a shuttle to the car rental center, wait in a long line (at which time my phone battery dies and I'm trying to charge it while Adam is in line so at least we have some form of communication should we need it), Adam gets the car situation together, and we start the 2 hour drive home (and yes, I was feeling terribly nervous that we clearly didn't have a booster seat for B, sorry mom...we had no choice). So, we get to Waco, swing in a drive thru to grab some dinner, while we were driving home our friend graciously texted after seeing on instagram that our flight was cancelled and asked if she could pick up some groceries for us and bring them over. YES!!! (I have amazing friends)! I was planning to run to the store when we got home (which was supposed to be around 6:30pm to get some stuff to make B's lunch) but clearly, it was going to be late when we got home and that was a HUGE help to me. So, she was going to swing by right as we were getting home, perfect! SOOO, to make a long story longer, as we were about to pull into our drive way (I was giddy with anticipation of FINALLY being home), we realize we don't have keys to get in. DOH!!! My keys were with our friends who were keeping an eye on our house, and Adam checked his carry on bag at the last minute and put his keys IN THE BAG. SIGH. At this point we didn't know whether to laugh or cry and to add insult to injury my phone died AGAIN (b/c it only charged long enough at the rental car center to last about 2 hours). So, I had no way of contacting my friend who was going to be coming by any minute to drop off groceries, and I had to pee. So, Adam and I quickly decide to make our way to our friend's house before she leaves to head to our house, and she can text/call our other friends who have our house keys to let us in (when we got our rental car our luggage was still en route to Waco via a flight that was leaving hours later). So (anyone still reading?....crickets.......) we get to our friends house, they graciously welcomed us with open arms, had us come in, sit, relax, called our friends for us, they were about 20 or so minutes away and were on their way home. We were blessed to be forced (by our circumstances) to just sit and chat with our dear friends who we missed while we waited for our other friends to get home with our keys. Poor B was fading fast and we still needed to get her bathed and ready for her first day of school this morning. So, we ran to our friends house, got our keys, came home, Adam dropped off B and I while he went back to the airport to get our luggage, B got in the bath and I put her to bed...around 10pm (thankfully we were on Oregon time so it was really 8pm for us -still felt like bad parenting!). Well, Adam was thinking while he was at the airport he'd return the rental car and pick up our car that had been there for 6.5 weeks. make a long story EVEN LONGER, when he got to the airport he noticed our car had a flat tire. SIGH. So, all that to say, he got home around 11pm, without our car, but he did have our bags (HOORAY!!). We managed to get to bed around 1am after taking care some things here and there and woke up at 7am to get B out the door for her first day of school! Adam and I both took her, we got her there 3 minutes before the bell, she was the last kid to walk in, and to end this story with a cherry on top, Adam got called to jury duty so had to race to the courthouse to be there by 8:30am. Welcome home, Winns!! The End. Our big 1st Grader!!
**Update, I just went to get in Adam's car to go to the post office to get our mail, go to the grocery store, etc. and his car has a dead I'm stranded. Just wanted to make sure ya'll had the WHOLE picture of our life the past 24 hours. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

So good to see you this weekend.

Kemi Winn said...

WOW!!!! Sounds like a nightmare! After my last experience I'm beginning to think that flights in and out of Dallas should be avoided.
Thankful that you are home safe and B made it to her first day of school.


Robin said...

I'm sorry Molly, but I am laughing at loud because your post is so funny! The happenings are definitely not funny, but the write-up is. What else could go wrong... really! But you are there and you are safe and you have wonderful friends in your lives. I'm so glad to be in the same family.

Carrie said...

Nice job getting a pict of B in spite of ALL that craziness! I can't believe it - that day sounded horrible :(