August 18, 2013

it's been a week

Where to begin? This last week was a bit of a train wreck and I'm just now coming up for air. After the cancelled flight/car fiasco, then our dryer proceeded to die, Adam's computer started to die, and his car ended up needing a new alternator. Today Adam asked me "Have we only been home a week?" B/c it feels like its been ages when we think of all we've done/gone through this week! We had a guy out to fix some dry wall that was falling down in the tippy top, Adam and I finally painted the top part of the hallway that we've neglected for almost a year, and tomorrow we're taking the granite from our kitchen to the dump (finally)! It feels so good to check things off the to-do list that we've been meaning to get to for ages but haven't until now. B officially finished her first week of first grade, hooray for small victories! I think we were all hanging by a thread last week so I'm hopeful for better things this week. :) I've been spending long hours in front of my computer and just got this wedding blogged! Head on over to to check it out! xo

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