September 30, 2013

it's that time of year

I'm not sure what is UP with our house and car/tire issues lately! Adam took B to school today, then came home and said he had a flat tire, then proceeded to take my car to work so I've been stranded at the house all day. I don't really mind, I had lots of editing to do and I managed to get a blog post done so check out one of my favorite families over HERE. I'm ready for a break from car drama!! Well, as of tomorrow its officially October which means my busiest 2 months of the year is upon me! I do love this time of year but it also kicks my bootie every.single.year. I'm trying to just breathe and take a day at a time. My holiday mini sessions are this weekend so be checking my business blog b/c there is sure to be lots of cuteness coming! Well, I'm gonna get in the shower since its 1:20pm and I've been glued to my computer screen all day. Hope everyone has a great Monday! xo


Robin said...

What a cute family. It looks like they might have 3 boys, a personal favorite.

Sorry about the cars. I saw a book called "Crazy Busy" at The Desiring God Conference in Minneapolis this week-end and thought of you.


Robin said...

Oops! I went to your other site and see that it's a girl and two boys - the girl is very cute, but her hair was covered up in this picture. Sorry about that!