September 2, 2013


Ay yi yi...WHERE to even start?! Remember how I said we walked back into a train wreck after being gone for nearly 7 weeks? Well, the train wreck has yet to stop. I really am hopeful this week will bring the change we ALL need. Let's see, we ended up buying a new washer/dryer, but we couldn't really install the dryer b/c the hole in the floor wasn't big enough for the tubing to fit, etc. Got that all squared away (Thanks Clint!). I did laundry last night for the first time in AGES -so far I'm loving the new set!! (*this is the first new "whole" set we've ever had in 13 years of marriage, I now understand why folks get so excited over new appliances :).

My computer full on CRASHED a few days ago. BIG SIGH. To be fair, I knew it was on its last leg and thankfully had saved all the images to an external hard drive before the crash but there is just something so tragic and final about loosing your business lifeline permanently and all at once. Seriously, what I wouldn't give for 15 more minutes with my computer to save some essential links, photo things, etc. that I desperately need. For anyone who knows me at all you KNOW how much I hate change and how technical problems send me right over the edge. So, the combination of my brand new computer/ALL the issues of dealing with my lost necessities to running my business...I feel like there isn't enough air in the world to take a deep breath. I had a minor melt down last night...had to walk away from it all and bury myself in mindless television. I keep trying to look at the bright side, yay, new computer! Yay, the best week for it to happen, not shooting for a week! Yay, more updated technology to more efficiently do my job! (this one doesn't really excite me, now I'm just pretending). Sigh. As dramatic as it sounds, its been rough.

Oh, and to add insult to injury I've been SICK for nearly TWO WEEKS! I know its my body's way of falling apart after the stress that has been my life the past 3 weeks but, the timing is horrid (but really, WHEN is a good time to get sick anyway?). It all started in my neck, I could hardly turn my head for days, then it made its way to my throat, then it crept up to my sinuses where its decided to make its home for about a week. I'm Bright side, I do think I'm nearing the end...I can see the light.

In other news, I got all "its hot, I'm tired of having long hair" and went and had 5 inches cut off. Its okay, I've never had much of an opinion about my hair so whatever, but it does feel nice in this 100+ degree heat! Mi casa starts on Tuesday, part of me feels like I need another week to get my crap together but the wiser part of me knows that once my kids are in my house and making it loud and crazy and messy  - that that is where my heart will truly find peace and a sense of "normal." Having my house hustling and bustling with college students is what everyday life looks like in this house and I can't wait to hug on all my babies and hear about their summers. And technically mi casa kinda started last week, one of my kiddos thought it was start night and showed up and stayed a couple hours, cause really -why not? That's what we're here for, to do life and live with others in community, I know at the end of the day the other stuff doesn't matter -I just need to be reminded from time to time.

Well, this post got longer than what I set out to write. I guess I needed to purge a bit. Sorry for the major blog lulls lately, I DO think normalcy is just around the bend (I'm pretty much counting on it). I hope to be able to share more life stuff soon, so stay tuned. As always, thanks for reading. xo


Kemi Winn said...

I'm so sorry to hear you've been sick! Hope next week is fantastic!

Robin said...

I hope your two weeks of illness is the end of it! Life has such strange ups and downs. Naturally, I prefer you to be in the ups, but that isn't the way it always is.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I hope this is the week for the turn around for you! Glad you are on the mend and that you will get to see all your "kids" tonight!