September 9, 2013

the hits...they keep on comin'

Big sigh. THIS THIS will be the week the tides turn! I mean it this time. Sigh. So, this past week/weekend was a bit crazy...just more of the same really. Adam went to Target to grab a couple things, when he got in my car to come home, the car wouldn't start. Sigh. After trying a couple things it turned out I needed a new battery. I still don't have a key to Adam's car so I was stuck at home unable to help him (I've asked him NUMEROUS times over the years to make me a key to his car...I'll blame him for this one ;). Thankfully a nice stranger helped him out and he was able to get home (then had to re-jump it to get to the auto shop). As I'm racing out the door to get B to a birthday party, I drop Adam's keys (I had to take his car since he was dealing w/ my car drama) in between this one inch space between our house and the concrete steps that lead into the backyard. BIG SIGH. Its 100 degrees outside, B is waiting in a hot car that isn't yet turned on while I'm scrounging a stick from the yard to try and pull the keys out from this one inch space so I can get her to a bday party. Ay yi yi. We get to the party, when its over we head home, Adam's still not back yet from dealing with car debacle, he gets home JUST as I need to walk out the door to a shoot (It was a lovely engagement session, but I'm not gonna lie, shooting in 100 degree heat leaves a little something to be desired). I'm tired... my life lately is making me tired. I got a lot of my photo stuff squared away this week on the new computer but I'm still not "up and running" yet. I'm hoping today to be back in business, fingers crossed!

Poor B, I think she got my nasty cold that took me down for 2.5 weeks, I hope it doesn't stick that long with her. She's all stuffy with a dry cough. Ugh.

Well, this week when I look at the calendar I feel like there should be some peace. I have a long list of to-dos today but it seems doable and not overwhelming like the past weeks. I think we're going to head to Houston this weekend to see some friends and go to an Astros game, that should be fun! And 1 baby shower and 2 birthday parties, doable. :) Tonight about 20 ladies are coming over to chat and hang out for the evening, should be fun...better get my house in order! :/ I hope everyone out there has a great Monday, hopefully I can get my computer in order and have a session to share soon! Thanks for checking in! xo


Anonymous said...

20 ladies coming to chat, b-day parties, showers--slowing down? Whew! Makes me tired just reading all you are doing:) Prayers for B! Love yoU!!!!

Robin said...

Molly, you make me laugh. This 'calmer' week would blow most people out of the water. Go in the grace of Jesus.

Kemi Winn said...

I couldn't agree more with your mom and Robin!