October 29, 2013

37 years of awesome

Today my sweet husband turns 37! Per his request we're going on a double date with dear friends and I've got to get that yellow box cake in the oven! I love Adam's birthday, a day to celebrate the amazing man he is and a good reminder of how blessed/lucky I am that I get to call him mine. Happiest birthday, my love. xo
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October 28, 2013

7 years ago today

Oct. 28th is the day I went into the hospital with toxemia and stayed until I had my baby girl 8 weeks early. I can't believe B is going to be SEVEN this week! No more baby girl for me...sniff. She has been asking for about a month "how many more days until my birthday?" I'm glad she shares my affinity for her special day, warms the ol' heart cockles. Although I'm not nearly as excited about her birthday theme/location of choice this year, I think she'll have a great time and I'm hoping to get some photos to share (even though it will be a dark yucky gym! Yes...still a tad bitter over here :). Last week nearly did me in, felt like I was barely coming up for air, I'm not gonna lie, I'm glad its over. :) I helped host a baby shower for my dear friend Holly and it turned out super cute, all the ladies really out-did themselves on this one! I'll share photos are soon as they are edited. I had the brilliant idea (or rather, saw Martha Stewart's brilliant idea) of doing a "cookie bar" for the favors, Holly LOVES cookies and I thought it was the perfect favor for a 65 guest shower! Well, 65 guests, times 3 cookies each...yeah, I baked A LOT of cookies. And of course, had tons of leftovers that I ended up giving away at church yesterday (and 2 lovely burns on my arm to show for it!). Oh well, it looked pretty cute. I tried 3 new cookie recipes, this snickerdoodle one, this lemon one, and this cherry icebox one (sans walnuts). I would recommend all of them, they were all really good!

Adam has been out of town since Friday, he went to Oregon for a duck game for his birthday present. His flight got all messed up so rather than coming home last night like he was supposed to, he's set to come home later this afternoon  -me and B can't wait! We miss him a lot and are both ready for daddy to come home. Adam turns 37 tomorrow so we've cancelled mi casa for tomorrow night and are going on a date with some good friends per Adam's request! I need to make his yellow box cake (still kills me every year) and wrap his gifts and will be all set! Then momsie comes on Wednesday, just in time to celebrate Halloween with us and B's birthday! Its another busy week ahead but super fun. Today I need to get some blogs ready, I have a mini session tonight, and get the house a little more in order after our crazy week last week! I can't believe its almost November! Speaking of blog, I've blogged a couple sessions in the last few days so head over HERE to check it out! Happy Monday, all! xo

October 23, 2013

early bday present

Whew! I.am.tired. It has been a zoo around here but today...its play time! For YEARS I have wanted to do this culinary-type experience, I even blogged about it once. Well, today, its happening! For my birthday this year Adam got me a ticket to "outstanding in the field" and today it has finally arrived! My friend Anna and I are going to drive to Austin and enjoy a fabulous meal at a farm where the food is local and fabulous! They don't tell you what you are eating, but its supposed to be amazing and I can't wait for the experience! So today, its play day -no computer, no work calls, no invoices, (but I do think I'll take my camera), just relaxing and eating! I can't wait to tell you all about it! Its been a bit cooler here these days, more 70s type weather but today its supposed to be 81! Will be a bit warm but I also think it will be so nice to sit outside on this beautiful day! I'm trying to figure out what to wear, want to be comfortable, a waistband that allows for lots of eating, and flat shoes to walk the farm in! Happy early birthday to me!

I blogged my first California session over HERE so check it out! Happy Wednesday, all! xo

October 22, 2013

keepin' on keepin' on

I'm keeping up...barely. I've got my work cut out for me today so I'm gonna get after it but wanted to let you know I blogged this cute fam over HERE. Check it out! xo

October 19, 2013

survival mode

And.................breathe. I think its safe to say the crazy time is upon us, we are most definitely in survival mode around here. There have been days this week where I've only been home 30 minutes all.day.long. I'm exhausted and I feel like my head is spinning trying to keep up with it all. I'm trying to take it a day at a time and take deep breaths. I feel like once I get thru to Sunday the 27th I'll be able to make it. :) I have mini sessions tomorrow, a birthday party, church, and today is Baylor's homecoming so we're heading to the game in a while! Adam graciously offered to take B to a birthday party today which is a huge help, I'm up for tomorrow. :) I'm going to maximize my time alone so I'm gonna get at it! I blogged a mini session over HERE so check it out! Thanks for reading! xo

October 15, 2013

the past 5 days

For the past 5 days I've been in southern California....it was like food for my soul. I really do think I have some of the most amazing friends on the planet and I'm beyond thankful for them. I have great friends here in Waco, that goes without saying but there is something different about relationships that were there in the beginning. These folks started life with us -right when we got married, had our baby, Adam's graduation, etc.. We were all in a similar place in life and figuring it out together and being with them these past few days was so good for my heart/soul, etc. I have never made any qualms about my love for southern California -when I land I feel like I'm home and it such a great feeling. The days flew by, and here's why:

I flew into Orange County Thursday evening, then had a LONG traffic filled drive to Altadena where I had dinner and great conversation with one of my favorite families then off to

Pasadena where I spent the night with a long time dear friend. Then woke up and drove to South Pasadena where I had brunch with a dear friend and then went to a park to meet up with my best friend from college and his wife and 2 cute boys

then got in the car and went to visit a dear friend who I hadn't seen in years! She lived in CA when we did but moved to Illinois and recently has moved back to southern CA. Being with her was like no time had passed since I last saw her -I LOVE those friendships!

I couldn't stop talking so literally had to race to Sierra Madre where I photographed sweet friends with their new baby, then went to one of my favorite restaurants (Saladang) and chatted away with my friend before heading back to her house to chat late into the night. Stayed there for the night then

woke up early and headed to Pacific Palisades where I photographed a long time dear friend from college and her sweet fam including a new baby boy! The weather was lovely and seeing her is always so refreshing and fun. I wish we had more time to talk, it was mostly shooting before I had to get in my car and

bolt to Long Beach. Whew! This was a crazy day. In Long Beach I met up with a friend from the camp I used to work at while in high school! It had been a lifetime since I last saw Jamie, but now she's married with the cutest little girl and a baby boy on the way! Her husband was so nice and it was neat to see her and photograph her sweet fam. Then, back in the car as I headed off to

Laguna Niguel. By this time I was getting pretty tired! A tour of southern California was happening for sure! It was SO fun to see my college roommate, photograph her sweet family that included her beautiful new baby girl! I definitely got my baby fix this trip! We chatted the afternoon away before I had to get back in my car and drive up to

San Gabriel to have dinner with my dear dear friends who welcomed me with open arms and the best hugs on the planet! They made me dinner (and a much needed margarita ) and we chatted late into the night until I had to drive back to

Pasadena where my dear friends let me crash. But before I fell into bed I stayed up way too late (or super early rather) talking with my friend. Man, 1:30am is hard on this old lady but it was SO worth it! We could've easily talked until sunrise I'm sure -there are never enough hours in the day when I make this trip! I woke up the next day and headed to

meet my friend for a fun afternoon of shopping at the Rose Bowl flea market (one of my absolute favorite things that I used to do all the time when I lived there) and out to lunch at an old haunt. I needed this relaxing time with an old friend who knows me, it was good to do things we used to do together and just feel like nothing had changed -loved it. From there I drove to

Glendora where I visited with some of my favorite folks and took some photos of their cute fam before heading out to dinner to catch up. I love this family, we did a lot of life together and being with them was like coming home. From Glendora I got in my car and drove to

Fullerton where I met up with a friend who shared a cabin with me at summer camp when we worked there. We had a great time chatting and I loved meeting her new husband and seeing them so happy -so fun! I spent the night there and we had breakfast the next morning before I had to get to the airport to come home. Of course I missed Adam and B tons but it really felt like my time there was over in a flash and left me longing for more. I'm really blessed, this trip reminded me how God has given me amazing people in my life to walk this journey with, each of them holds such a special place in my heart. I came home and told Adam all about everyone to catch him up -of course he was jealous I got to see so many folks and said "we gotta get back there more often!" Agreed! Now, I'm home, happy and tired. :) I have mounds of editing to do and mini sessions from Waco to blog so keep checking in over HERE (just blogged a session). Thanks for reading! xo

October 9, 2013

mini blogged!

Today I'm running errands and packing before I head to CA tomorrow, but wanted to let you know that I blogged a super cute family over HERE. Check it out! Have a great week(end) everyone! xo

October 7, 2013

just some Moday randomness

Fall has come! We've officially stopped having the A/C on all the time and its been chilly in the mornings - hooray! Fall pretty much came within minutes this Saturday. A friend of Adam's was driving through town so we met up with him and his family (and the Peters -hi Kel :) at the zoo on Saturday morning, within minutes it went from being humid and hot to breezy and kinda cold! Texas weather is so nuts! The down side to this was that I had to cancel my mini sessions for Saturday -BOO. I hate how weather messes with my schedule, its a busy time of year, people! (insert stressed out face) My mini sessions for Sunday were great! The weather was lovely and the sun was out, great day to shoot! I'm gearing up for lots more shooting this week as I head to California in 3 days! I always hate to leave Adam and B but I'm so looking forward to seeing my dear friends, meeting new babies, and photographing some of my favorite families!

Lets see...as far as what's been going on in my kitchen lately: I had a hankering for pumpkin pancakes this weekend so I tried this recipe -ohmyword SO good! Leave it to Martha to not let me down! I had some leftover pumpkin in my fridge from some muffins  made earlier and it was just the right amount. If any of you happen to have 6 T of pumpkin laying around, try these, they do not disappoint! My friend Carrie reminded me I never followed up on the "dump cake." Okay people, here is the recipe, I know -I know what you're thinking, this sounds gross, right?!! I do not like cherries and the thought of cherries and pineapple in a dessert sounds like about the last.thing.I.would.want.to.eat.ever. BUT, I was wrong, dead wrong. One of my mi casa gals wanted this for her birthday mi casa so I obliged, thinking I wouldn't want it, but I tried it and it was SO GOOD. I may or may not have had seconds. :) Anyhoo, trust me, if you have 5 minutes to make a dessert and you want to win over a crowd, give dump cake a whirl -it blew my socks off! We put vanilla ice cream on it and it was sweet and delicious and made my house smell like yummy sugar. Who knew?! I recently tried a cheesy chicken enchilada recipe, I don't have the link b/c I took a photo w/ my ipad while trolling pinterest. I'm sure if you search on pinterest you can find it, they were SO GOOD and I'll definitely be making them again.

Well, its officially ON -the busy season is upon me. I will blog when I can but if its quiet around here for the next 2 months you know why...lots of birthdays, lots of travel, lots of photos to edit! Thanks for checking in! xo

October 1, 2013

It's October!

Hooray for October! I feel like my mind is reeling today, I've got a lot to get done since I was without a car yesterday. Tonight is mi casa, we've had a lot of mi casa birthdays lately and although I've had the same group of kids going on 4 years I've been lame in that I haven't ever celebrated the summer birthdays! So, we're doing that this year! So tonight is sweet Allie's birthday mi casa since her birthday is in August and always gets the shaft! She requested homemade caramel with apples -should be easy enough! Last week it was sweet Carlee's birthday and she wanted strawberry shortcake so I tried this new recipe, pretty good! She said it was the best shortcake she'd ever had, its super easy so if you like that sort of thing I'd give it a whirl!

I can't remember if I blogged it or not but a couple weeks ago I made one of the best things that's ever come out of my kitchen..it was called fudgey chocolate peanut butter cake or something like that! I found it on pinterest so I'm sure if you search on there you can find it (*I'm not on pinterest, I just troll for recipes sometimes). It was a lot of work but SOOO worth it. I will for sure make it again at some point!

Well, its officially 1 month and 1 day until my baby girl turns 7 -SEVEN!!! How old does that sound?!!! I feel like such a sell out, she wants her birthday party at a gymnastics gym this year. Sigh. Not that there's anything wrong with parties held at places like chuck e cheese, gyms, etc. its just not my preference, I prefer cozy parties at home BUT, she insisted so...there's that. :/ I guess it had to happen at some point. She could sense my disappointment and said "It's okay mom, we can have a party at home next year when I turn 8." Sweet pea. :) Who's birthday party is this anyway???!!! :)

I'm also in the throes of hosting a baby shower with a bunch of sweet gals. Its our friend's first baby and she's having a sweet little girl...its going to be super cute! I'm in charge of some of the food, favors, and dessert...fun! My mind is racing with thoughts that I need to get busy turning into reality!

The lows have officially dropped this week in Texas, its still pretty warm during the day but I think that's all about to change too. B asked today if she could wear tights, I told her the high was still 90. :) I love the fall, I'm glad its finally here. Happy Tuesday! xo