October 28, 2013

7 years ago today

Oct. 28th is the day I went into the hospital with toxemia and stayed until I had my baby girl 8 weeks early. I can't believe B is going to be SEVEN this week! No more baby girl for me...sniff. She has been asking for about a month "how many more days until my birthday?" I'm glad she shares my affinity for her special day, warms the ol' heart cockles. Although I'm not nearly as excited about her birthday theme/location of choice this year, I think she'll have a great time and I'm hoping to get some photos to share (even though it will be a dark yucky gym! Yes...still a tad bitter over here :). Last week nearly did me in, felt like I was barely coming up for air, I'm not gonna lie, I'm glad its over. :) I helped host a baby shower for my dear friend Holly and it turned out super cute, all the ladies really out-did themselves on this one! I'll share photos are soon as they are edited. I had the brilliant idea (or rather, saw Martha Stewart's brilliant idea) of doing a "cookie bar" for the favors, Holly LOVES cookies and I thought it was the perfect favor for a 65 guest shower! Well, 65 guests, times 3 cookies each...yeah, I baked A LOT of cookies. And of course, had tons of leftovers that I ended up giving away at church yesterday (and 2 lovely burns on my arm to show for it!). Oh well, it looked pretty cute. I tried 3 new cookie recipes, this snickerdoodle one, this lemon one, and this cherry icebox one (sans walnuts). I would recommend all of them, they were all really good!

Adam has been out of town since Friday, he went to Oregon for a duck game for his birthday present. His flight got all messed up so rather than coming home last night like he was supposed to, he's set to come home later this afternoon  -me and B can't wait! We miss him a lot and are both ready for daddy to come home. Adam turns 37 tomorrow so we've cancelled mi casa for tomorrow night and are going on a date with some good friends per Adam's request! I need to make his yellow box cake (still kills me every year) and wrap his gifts and will be all set! Then momsie comes on Wednesday, just in time to celebrate Halloween with us and B's birthday! Its another busy week ahead but super fun. Today I need to get some blogs ready, I have a mini session tonight, and get the house a little more in order after our crazy week last week! I can't believe its almost November! Speaking of blog, I've blogged a couple sessions in the last few days so head over HERE to check it out! Happy Monday, all! xo


Anonymous said...

W.H.E.W. Every time I think I've had a busy week, I just read about yours and feel like I'm in slow motion:)
Can't wait to see y'all!!! (hope there's some leftover cookies)

Robin said...

O.K. you are now officially a Cookie Maniac! That is some accomplishment and a wonderful gift for your friend and her new baby.... and all the others who came to the party.

I remember when you went to the hospital to wait for B to come. You were so sick! It was so miserable and dangerous. But the Lord brought you and B through it successfully. I'm so thankful he did!