October 23, 2013

early bday present

Whew! I.am.tired. It has been a zoo around here but today...its play time! For YEARS I have wanted to do this culinary-type experience, I even blogged about it once. Well, today, its happening! For my birthday this year Adam got me a ticket to "outstanding in the field" and today it has finally arrived! My friend Anna and I are going to drive to Austin and enjoy a fabulous meal at a farm where the food is local and fabulous! They don't tell you what you are eating, but its supposed to be amazing and I can't wait for the experience! So today, its play day -no computer, no work calls, no invoices, (but I do think I'll take my camera), just relaxing and eating! I can't wait to tell you all about it! Its been a bit cooler here these days, more 70s type weather but today its supposed to be 81! Will be a bit warm but I also think it will be so nice to sit outside on this beautiful day! I'm trying to figure out what to wear, want to be comfortable, a waistband that allows for lots of eating, and flat shoes to walk the farm in! Happy early birthday to me!

I blogged my first California session over HERE so check it out! Happy Wednesday, all! xo

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Robin said...

Glad you're taking your camera! We can have a peek at what the fun looks like.