October 1, 2013

It's October!

Hooray for October! I feel like my mind is reeling today, I've got a lot to get done since I was without a car yesterday. Tonight is mi casa, we've had a lot of mi casa birthdays lately and although I've had the same group of kids going on 4 years I've been lame in that I haven't ever celebrated the summer birthdays! So, we're doing that this year! So tonight is sweet Allie's birthday mi casa since her birthday is in August and always gets the shaft! She requested homemade caramel with apples -should be easy enough! Last week it was sweet Carlee's birthday and she wanted strawberry shortcake so I tried this new recipe, pretty good! She said it was the best shortcake she'd ever had, its super easy so if you like that sort of thing I'd give it a whirl!

I can't remember if I blogged it or not but a couple weeks ago I made one of the best things that's ever come out of my kitchen..it was called fudgey chocolate peanut butter cake or something like that! I found it on pinterest so I'm sure if you search on there you can find it (*I'm not on pinterest, I just troll for recipes sometimes). It was a lot of work but SOOO worth it. I will for sure make it again at some point!

Well, its officially 1 month and 1 day until my baby girl turns 7 -SEVEN!!! How old does that sound?!!! I feel like such a sell out, she wants her birthday party at a gymnastics gym this year. Sigh. Not that there's anything wrong with parties held at places like chuck e cheese, gyms, etc. its just not my preference, I prefer cozy parties at home BUT, she insisted so...there's that. :/ I guess it had to happen at some point. She could sense my disappointment and said "It's okay mom, we can have a party at home next year when I turn 8." Sweet pea. :) Who's birthday party is this anyway???!!! :)

I'm also in the throes of hosting a baby shower with a bunch of sweet gals. Its our friend's first baby and she's having a sweet little girl...its going to be super cute! I'm in charge of some of the food, favors, and dessert...fun! My mind is racing with thoughts that I need to get busy turning into reality!

The lows have officially dropped this week in Texas, its still pretty warm during the day but I think that's all about to change too. B asked today if she could wear tights, I told her the high was still 90. :) I love the fall, I'm glad its finally here. Happy Tuesday! xo


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've got alot going on-as always! Can't wait to be there for Brennan's b-day! Keep that warm weather com'in! Would LOVE to try that cake - sounds delish!

Anonymous said...

Seven, it's hard to believe! I remember her 3rd birthday so clearly and it couldn't have been four years ago! Wish I could be one of your mind class kids.


Robin said...

I note that the shortcake recipe contains one and a half cups of heavy cream. That may be the key to the excellent flavor. haha

It's fun to hear about your creative life - it's a gift to those around you - birthdays, births, milestones - those things celebrate life, and Jesus is all about life.


Carrie Schlafmann said...

Totally feeling the same about it being October! All your treat making sounds divine - hey didn't you make a "dump cake" or something like that? What was it, how did it turn out?

PS-had a lovely reminder of TX last week when an RV with TX plates came barreling down one of our cobblestone streets, honking their horn at pedestrians to get out of their way. Nice! ;-)