October 7, 2013

just some Moday randomness

Fall has come! We've officially stopped having the A/C on all the time and its been chilly in the mornings - hooray! Fall pretty much came within minutes this Saturday. A friend of Adam's was driving through town so we met up with him and his family (and the Peters -hi Kel :) at the zoo on Saturday morning, within minutes it went from being humid and hot to breezy and kinda cold! Texas weather is so nuts! The down side to this was that I had to cancel my mini sessions for Saturday -BOO. I hate how weather messes with my schedule, its a busy time of year, people! (insert stressed out face) My mini sessions for Sunday were great! The weather was lovely and the sun was out, great day to shoot! I'm gearing up for lots more shooting this week as I head to California in 3 days! I always hate to leave Adam and B but I'm so looking forward to seeing my dear friends, meeting new babies, and photographing some of my favorite families!

Lets see...as far as what's been going on in my kitchen lately: I had a hankering for pumpkin pancakes this weekend so I tried this recipe -ohmyword SO good! Leave it to Martha to not let me down! I had some leftover pumpkin in my fridge from some muffins  made earlier and it was just the right amount. If any of you happen to have 6 T of pumpkin laying around, try these, they do not disappoint! My friend Carrie reminded me I never followed up on the "dump cake." Okay people, here is the recipe, I know -I know what you're thinking, this sounds gross, right?!! I do not like cherries and the thought of cherries and pineapple in a dessert sounds like about the last.thing.I.would.want.to.eat.ever. BUT, I was wrong, dead wrong. One of my mi casa gals wanted this for her birthday mi casa so I obliged, thinking I wouldn't want it, but I tried it and it was SO GOOD. I may or may not have had seconds. :) Anyhoo, trust me, if you have 5 minutes to make a dessert and you want to win over a crowd, give dump cake a whirl -it blew my socks off! We put vanilla ice cream on it and it was sweet and delicious and made my house smell like yummy sugar. Who knew?! I recently tried a cheesy chicken enchilada recipe, I don't have the link b/c I took a photo w/ my ipad while trolling pinterest. I'm sure if you search on pinterest you can find it, they were SO GOOD and I'll definitely be making them again.

Well, its officially ON -the busy season is upon me. I will blog when I can but if its quiet around here for the next 2 months you know why...lots of birthdays, lots of travel, lots of photos to edit! Thanks for checking in! xo

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Anonymous said...

Those recipes sound delish - think I'll try them:)
Have a safe, fun trip to Cali and enjoy seeing all of your friends.