October 19, 2013

survival mode

And.................breathe. I think its safe to say the crazy time is upon us, we are most definitely in survival mode around here. There have been days this week where I've only been home 30 minutes all.day.long. I'm exhausted and I feel like my head is spinning trying to keep up with it all. I'm trying to take it a day at a time and take deep breaths. I feel like once I get thru to Sunday the 27th I'll be able to make it. :) I have mini sessions tomorrow, a birthday party, church, and today is Baylor's homecoming so we're heading to the game in a while! Adam graciously offered to take B to a birthday party today which is a huge help, I'm up for tomorrow. :) I'm going to maximize my time alone so I'm gonna get at it! I blogged a mini session over HERE so check it out! Thanks for reading! xo

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