October 15, 2013

the past 5 days

For the past 5 days I've been in southern California....it was like food for my soul. I really do think I have some of the most amazing friends on the planet and I'm beyond thankful for them. I have great friends here in Waco, that goes without saying but there is something different about relationships that were there in the beginning. These folks started life with us -right when we got married, had our baby, Adam's graduation, etc.. We were all in a similar place in life and figuring it out together and being with them these past few days was so good for my heart/soul, etc. I have never made any qualms about my love for southern California -when I land I feel like I'm home and it such a great feeling. The days flew by, and here's why:

I flew into Orange County Thursday evening, then had a LONG traffic filled drive to Altadena where I had dinner and great conversation with one of my favorite families then off to

Pasadena where I spent the night with a long time dear friend. Then woke up and drove to South Pasadena where I had brunch with a dear friend and then went to a park to meet up with my best friend from college and his wife and 2 cute boys

then got in the car and went to visit a dear friend who I hadn't seen in years! She lived in CA when we did but moved to Illinois and recently has moved back to southern CA. Being with her was like no time had passed since I last saw her -I LOVE those friendships!

I couldn't stop talking so literally had to race to Sierra Madre where I photographed sweet friends with their new baby, then went to one of my favorite restaurants (Saladang) and chatted away with my friend before heading back to her house to chat late into the night. Stayed there for the night then

woke up early and headed to Pacific Palisades where I photographed a long time dear friend from college and her sweet fam including a new baby boy! The weather was lovely and seeing her is always so refreshing and fun. I wish we had more time to talk, it was mostly shooting before I had to get in my car and

bolt to Long Beach. Whew! This was a crazy day. In Long Beach I met up with a friend from the camp I used to work at while in high school! It had been a lifetime since I last saw Jamie, but now she's married with the cutest little girl and a baby boy on the way! Her husband was so nice and it was neat to see her and photograph her sweet fam. Then, back in the car as I headed off to

Laguna Niguel. By this time I was getting pretty tired! A tour of southern California was happening for sure! It was SO fun to see my college roommate, photograph her sweet family that included her beautiful new baby girl! I definitely got my baby fix this trip! We chatted the afternoon away before I had to get back in my car and drive up to

San Gabriel to have dinner with my dear dear friends who welcomed me with open arms and the best hugs on the planet! They made me dinner (and a much needed margarita ) and we chatted late into the night until I had to drive back to

Pasadena where my dear friends let me crash. But before I fell into bed I stayed up way too late (or super early rather) talking with my friend. Man, 1:30am is hard on this old lady but it was SO worth it! We could've easily talked until sunrise I'm sure -there are never enough hours in the day when I make this trip! I woke up the next day and headed to

meet my friend for a fun afternoon of shopping at the Rose Bowl flea market (one of my absolute favorite things that I used to do all the time when I lived there) and out to lunch at an old haunt. I needed this relaxing time with an old friend who knows me, it was good to do things we used to do together and just feel like nothing had changed -loved it. From there I drove to

Glendora where I visited with some of my favorite folks and took some photos of their cute fam before heading out to dinner to catch up. I love this family, we did a lot of life together and being with them was like coming home. From Glendora I got in my car and drove to

Fullerton where I met up with a friend who shared a cabin with me at summer camp when we worked there. We had a great time chatting and I loved meeting her new husband and seeing them so happy -so fun! I spent the night there and we had breakfast the next morning before I had to get to the airport to come home. Of course I missed Adam and B tons but it really felt like my time there was over in a flash and left me longing for more. I'm really blessed, this trip reminded me how God has given me amazing people in my life to walk this journey with, each of them holds such a special place in my heart. I came home and told Adam all about everyone to catch him up -of course he was jealous I got to see so many folks and said "we gotta get back there more often!" Agreed! Now, I'm home, happy and tired. :) I have mounds of editing to do and mini sessions from Waco to blog so keep checking in over HERE (just blogged a session). Thanks for reading! xo


Anonymous said...

I got tired and felt like I gained 10 lbs just reading this blog post! Glad you had such a good time.

Robin said...

So glad you had a good time. I dreamed that Hillory invite you and me to go on a cruise - and she paid our way! We were having a great time when I woke up. Your trip was slightly more real, waking or sleeping! But still a dream.

Robin said...

invited, not invite!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie's comment made me laugh out loud! and what's so funny is that is exactly what I was thinking:)
P.S. Soooooo glad you were able to squeeze so many friends into such a short time! I miss them too!

Carrie Schlafmann said...

So glad you got to catch up with so many people! Totally understand that feeling of being able to re-connect with old friends :)