November 30, 2013

busy playing

We're  busy playing and hanging out with cousin Mike this week, so I'll be back to blogging soon! Hope ya'll had a great Thanksgiving, we sure did! I blogged a holiday mini session over HERE, check it out! xo

November 25, 2013

We're makin' it!

Monday morning already?!! This weekend turned out to be pretty busy for B and I! Movies, play dates, church, love feast at church, out to lunch, etc. We've been keeping busy with daddy gone and I think today is the day where we're both counting the hours until he's home! Its one thing to have a fun girls weekend but when its back to Monday and "real life" -we need daddy!!! Adam comes home tomorrow -can't wait! I have my work cut out for me today, we thought we were going to have a quiet Thanksgiving but a casual "you should join us" has turned into a good size crowd so I gotta figure out center pieces, how to fit that many folks around the table, get to the store, clean my house, meet with a potential client, oh -and I started painting the dining room! Yikes! It will all get done and be great, just gotta power through! I hope you all had a great weekend and have enjoy a short work week! I just blogged an engagement session over HERE so check it out! xo

November 22, 2013

He's off!

Adam left this morning for his annual conference, this year its in Baltimore. In typical fashion he realized he left something at the house right after I dropped him off so back and forth it was for me this am. Sigh. The weather made a turn this morning, it is COLD and rainy outside and its supposed to be this way for the next 5 days -brrrr! One of my shoots I made happen this week that was supposed to be this weekend and one got moved until after the holidays so no working for me this weekend! I'm trying to plan some things for the ninner and I to do so we stay a bit busy and aren't just starring at each other all weekend. :) B and I don't like it when daddy's gone...we'll both be eager for Tuesday! I've started my annual list of things that I'll need to make Thanksgiving happen, I love the planning part! Really I'm just anal and love lists in general. :) Our friends are joining us for T-Day along with cousin Mike, should be a fun day! I've also made a list of things to get done while Adam is gone, its long so I'm gonna get to it! My house is a disaster and I've got many a blog to get done! I hope ya'll have a lovely weekend! xo

Here is a peek of B's birthday shoot, hoping to get that blogged soon!

November 21, 2013

another cute fam..

being blogged HERE! xo

November 19, 2013

OITF Blogged!

I finally got around to blogging my fabulous day at Outstanding in the field! This was my birthday present that I mentioned a while back and then never brought up again! It was a great day, loved everything about it and shared all the info over HERE, check it out! xo

November 18, 2013

old lady back

This weekend I was pruning these bushes in the backyard that are right up against the house b/c this little kitten decided to make its hiding place right there under the house. "Right there" was directly below B's window and said kitten was meowing all.night.long. So, in my efforts to better reach said kitty I threw my back out bending over and picking up pruned bush branches. Sigh. Needless to say, I was bound to the couch 95% of the weekend. Thankfully we found the kitty a happy new owner and after hours of attempts, it was lured out! Yay! I had a shoot yesterday I couldn't re-schedule, its been booked for months, the weather was right, and it just had to happen. I said lots of prayers, popped 3 muscle relaxers and made it happen. Today I can tell I'm making the turn back toward normalcy which I'm so thankful for! Ain't no one got time for that! Too many things to get done, can't be laying around!! It makes me feel like such an old lady (this back thing does happen occasionally), throwing my back out over something so simple like bending over?!! Sigh.

I haven't even peeked at the photos yet but I grabbed this one to share. This cute couple brought a 1950s truck for their engagement session -brilliant! Okay folks, I gotta get some stuff done after a very unproductive weekend. More to come, thanks for checking in! xo

November 15, 2013

Hooray for Friday!

This week has actually been somewhat chill compared to most but I'm still super happy its Friday! The weather has been playing tricks on me so I keep re-arranging shoots but it looks like it will actually be kinda nice this weekend! We don't have too much going on, watching football with friends, shooting, church, and just some relaxation! Looking forward to it! I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead, I just blogged a holiday mini session so head on over HERE to check it out! xo

November 13, 2013

bloggin' n stuff

Its that time of year where I'm itching to make a change in one area or another. I really, for the most part am not a fan of change, but there is just something about this time of year that makes me itch for it. I'm not sure if its b/c we're going into year EIGHT of the unknown with Adam's job stuff or what? As usual, he's got a few applications out, interviews are starting to be arranged, etc.. Here we go...AGAIN. But, I'm honestly not thinking too much about all that, not just b/c after all these years I'm somewhat "over" the whole process but b/c I feel like there are other fish to fry! There are so many little things around the house I want to change/update/work on, new paint colors to try (EEEK!), etc. The creative juices are flowing, I just need to put them into action! Well, not too much to report this week, pretty typical week ahead. We had mi casa last night and celebrated my birthday and Casey's birthday (we were both born on the 9th!). Casey made me a white on white cake per my request and I made her chocolate chip cookies with dark chocolate chips per her request. Next week is our big Thanksgiving mi casa so I gotta get a turkey and start that recipe search yet again! I can't believe how quickly this time of year goes...I wish I could put on the brakes a bit.

Well, I've been a blogging maniac lately so head on over HERE to check out my sweet friend's baby shower! Happy Wednesday, all! xo

November 11, 2013

back from San Francisco!

Whew! Just got home last night after being gone for 4 days in one of my favorite cities, San Fran! It was our annual Oregon Duck game with Kemi, Doug, and cousin Mike -other than the duck loss (booooo) we had a GREAT trip! We went to Alcatraz and had an awesome audio tour, we went shopping in Union Square, we ate the yummiest birthday dinner at Morton's Steakhouse, and just had an all around great trip. It made turning 36 feel pretty great. :) I love my birthday and this year was an absolutely great one!

Well, came back home and this morning was up an at 'em! Had to shoot at 8am and have a long list of to-dos starring me in the face so I've gotta get after it! I am getting caught up on blog posts and will be sharing my awesome experience at Outstanding in the Field soon! Thanks to all of you who sent me birthday cards, texts, fb messages, voicemails, etc. sure made a girl feel special!

Now, head on over HERE and check out the cutest farmhouse birthday party for my friend's daughter! xo

November 6, 2013

I'm on a blogging roll!

I spent ALL day yesterday in front of my computer working and didn't shower until shortly before mi casa started. I was productive and got all sorts of blogs coming your way! I just blogged sweet Casey and Ben's engagements so check those out HERE. We're off to San Fran tomorrow, I always hate leaving B but am trusting she'll be in good hands. I'll be 36 the next time I blog...yikes! I hope everyone has a great weekend, see you back here next week! xo

November 5, 2013

little update

Whew! This weekend was busy! We had B's party on Saturday which was so fun for her! I took mom and B to a tea that the Jr League of Waco put on so we did that on Sunday after church, then yesterday mom and I went to a movie, did some shopping, and had lunch before I had to take her to the airport. B has already told me numerous times that she "misses grandma already." Always hard when momsie leaves (and my house is never as clean :). Thanks for coming, mom! Today its back to work since I've barely touched my computer since Wednesday! I have lots to do in the next 2 days before Adam and I head to San Fran for the duck game/my birthday! I'm gonna get to it! Blogged my last session from California so head on over here to check it out! Happy Tuesday, all! xo

November 2, 2013

B is 7 today!

November 2nd, the day I became a mom...7 years ago today! I want to write about some things that are so "B" as she is right now, so years from now I'll remember.


you are so funny, you have  a great sense of humor and are constantly making your dad and I laugh

you love to go to church on Sunday mornings and never want to miss.

you are STILL super picky about alive, you want to wear a skirt or dress every day and you pretty much always insist that pink be a part of the color palette. You refuse to wear jeans (unless there is some rare occasion where they are absolutely necessary), you insist they are "too blue." You still hate shoes and socks and proceed to take both items off about 2 seconds after walking in the door. I'm thankful for your school uniform so I don't have to have a daily battle with you over wardrobe.

you are still a picky eater like Little Caesars Pizza, plain ham sandwiches from Jimmy Johns, and Panda Express sweet and sour chicken the best. You like when I make this broccoli/sausage pasta dish for dinner and you still are a total sucker for dessert.

you don't love school but you like your school. You'd rather just stay home and chill with me all day but you're happy to head out the door each morning. Even though you don't like homework/school in general you want to do well at it and you hate when you get something wrong. Each week you want to get a perfect score on your spelling test and are bummed if you miss one. A little perfectionist, you are.

you are currently taking gymnastics and you really like it! So much in fact that you wanted a gymnastics party this year -at the gym. You wanted your cake to have a "girl on bars" and you wanted the colors to be green, purple, and turquoise. You asked for the American Girl Doll gymnastics set for your birthday and were thrilled to open it! (thanks grandma and granddad!)

you love to swim and have gotten so much better at it this year! You're like a fish around water and you love to get stronger at swimming.

you are still an art bug and are often crafting away at your black table in the kitchen. You color a lot and are so creative with your projects, you constantly amaze me.

you still have a love affair with dogs and unicorns and insist that one day you will have 1000 dogs that you will drive around in a van all day.

you are so kind, and this warms my heart. You always want everyone to be included and you are so nice to your friends.

I love you Brennan Grace and I'm so thankful for another year of being your mom. Happy 7th birthday, baby girl! xo

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November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

I'm blogging my sassy kitty cat over HERE. xo