November 2, 2013

B is 7 today!

November 2nd, the day I became a mom...7 years ago today! I want to write about some things that are so "B" as she is right now, so years from now I'll remember.


you are so funny, you have  a great sense of humor and are constantly making your dad and I laugh

you love to go to church on Sunday mornings and never want to miss.

you are STILL super picky about alive, you want to wear a skirt or dress every day and you pretty much always insist that pink be a part of the color palette. You refuse to wear jeans (unless there is some rare occasion where they are absolutely necessary), you insist they are "too blue." You still hate shoes and socks and proceed to take both items off about 2 seconds after walking in the door. I'm thankful for your school uniform so I don't have to have a daily battle with you over wardrobe.

you are still a picky eater like Little Caesars Pizza, plain ham sandwiches from Jimmy Johns, and Panda Express sweet and sour chicken the best. You like when I make this broccoli/sausage pasta dish for dinner and you still are a total sucker for dessert.

you don't love school but you like your school. You'd rather just stay home and chill with me all day but you're happy to head out the door each morning. Even though you don't like homework/school in general you want to do well at it and you hate when you get something wrong. Each week you want to get a perfect score on your spelling test and are bummed if you miss one. A little perfectionist, you are.

you are currently taking gymnastics and you really like it! So much in fact that you wanted a gymnastics party this year -at the gym. You wanted your cake to have a "girl on bars" and you wanted the colors to be green, purple, and turquoise. You asked for the American Girl Doll gymnastics set for your birthday and were thrilled to open it! (thanks grandma and granddad!)

you love to swim and have gotten so much better at it this year! You're like a fish around water and you love to get stronger at swimming.

you are still an art bug and are often crafting away at your black table in the kitchen. You color a lot and are so creative with your projects, you constantly amaze me.

you still have a love affair with dogs and unicorns and insist that one day you will have 1000 dogs that you will drive around in a van all day.

you are so kind, and this warms my heart. You always want everyone to be included and you are so nice to your friends.

I love you Brennan Grace and I'm so thankful for another year of being your mom. Happy 7th birthday, baby girl! xo

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