November 22, 2013

He's off!

Adam left this morning for his annual conference, this year its in Baltimore. In typical fashion he realized he left something at the house right after I dropped him off so back and forth it was for me this am. Sigh. The weather made a turn this morning, it is COLD and rainy outside and its supposed to be this way for the next 5 days -brrrr! One of my shoots I made happen this week that was supposed to be this weekend and one got moved until after the holidays so no working for me this weekend! I'm trying to plan some things for the ninner and I to do so we stay a bit busy and aren't just starring at each other all weekend. :) B and I don't like it when daddy's gone...we'll both be eager for Tuesday! I've started my annual list of things that I'll need to make Thanksgiving happen, I love the planning part! Really I'm just anal and love lists in general. :) Our friends are joining us for T-Day along with cousin Mike, should be a fun day! I've also made a list of things to get done while Adam is gone, its long so I'm gonna get to it! My house is a disaster and I've got many a blog to get done! I hope ya'll have a lovely weekend! xo

Here is a peek of B's birthday shoot, hoping to get that blogged soon!


Anonymous said...

cannot wait to see these!!!!Sorry you are having bad weather - so beautiful here! Cold and crip, but blue sky and sunshine:) I'm sure the time will fly, and Adam will be home before you know it~

The Shape said...

So disappointed I can't go to SBL this year...