November 5, 2013

little update

Whew! This weekend was busy! We had B's party on Saturday which was so fun for her! I took mom and B to a tea that the Jr League of Waco put on so we did that on Sunday after church, then yesterday mom and I went to a movie, did some shopping, and had lunch before I had to take her to the airport. B has already told me numerous times that she "misses grandma already." Always hard when momsie leaves (and my house is never as clean :). Thanks for coming, mom! Today its back to work since I've barely touched my computer since Wednesday! I have lots to do in the next 2 days before Adam and I head to San Fran for the duck game/my birthday! I'm gonna get to it! Blogged my last session from California so head on over here to check it out! Happy Tuesday, all! xo

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Anonymous said...

I'm missing you all so much already - I had a wonderful time -thanks for such a great visit!
Squeeze B for me:)