December 21, 2013

crunch time

Yesterday was nuts! First thing in the morning I had to drive about 20 minutes to the city of West to photograph a lovely home, then ran by Starbucks to pick up something for Adam and I and the sweet person in front of my paid for our order! Totally made my day! I swung by the house and picked up Adam and then we went to B's school to watch her Christmas program -so cute! Dropped Adam off at home, ran to the store, ran back to pick B up from school (they had early dismissal), edited some photos, then we had company over for dinner and I tried this new Martha Stewart flank steak recipe (can't find the link at the moment!) -pretty darn good! It was a whirlwind so today, I'm taking it easy. :) Need to do laundry, pick up the house, run to the bank, etc.. Just some last minute things to get done before Christmas! This will likely be my last post until after the holidays, I want to step away from the computer and just enjoy the season after all the craziness! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and that the celebration of Jesus' birth is a reminder of how much you are loved. xo

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December 18, 2013

I really should know better by now

I REALLY thought this week was gonna be somewhat chill and relaxing...WRONG. I really should know that after all this time, the week before Christmas will likely never be this way (no matter how caught up I feel). I feel like we've had something going on every night, and I've been staying up late and I'm tired! Fun things though, last night we had friends over and watched "Christmas Vacation" and stayed up late talking, drinking wine, and eating white chocolate pretzel popcorn -YUM! I love being an adult an "playing" on a school night. :) The night before some gals were over for our last Bible study of the semester which was basically drinking, eating, and chatting. Tis the season! Today I have a long list of to-dos that seems manageable but I need to get after it!

Well, in household news, I've been trying to get B to get hot lunch at her school for 2 years and she has refused, but after we discovered that she has been THROWING AWAY her sandwiches we made her buy lunch this week (and I emailed her teacher to make sure she was eating it!) and she has LOVED it! Her teacher said she ate it all so I think we're on to something! Woot! Adam talked to her about her attitude at dinner and she's been making improvements so I think we're onto something all around. :) This week we got her picture taken with Santa (my mom made me go until I was in college, I plan to let B off the hook her senior year ;) and this was the first year she didn't really care to do it - made me sad. She got all dressed up and was fine to go but she didn't really "want" to go and it hit me  -she's growing up too fast!! She's only 7!! I told her she only had to do it for 11 more years. :) :) :) The things our parents tortured us with that we in turn impose on our children...hehe. :)

I think that's all the news around here for now...thanks for checking in! Head on over HERE for this fun mini session out in the country! xo

December 16, 2013

Monday morning came fast!

This weekend was a whirlwind! Friday we had family movie night and introduced B to "Home Alone" -that was fun. :) Saturday B had a birthday party where she and 3 other girls got pampered at the salon -so fun! After the girls were done the mom of the bday girl and myself got pedicures, it was lovely. Then B and I visited with some friends (Adam was at a movie w/ the fellas this whole time) and we met up with Adam at home briefly, picked up pizzas, and headed to our friend's house for the evening. So fun! Sunday we had church, then I had a couple shoots, then we went over to our friend's house for a smallish Christmas party. Since we had 2 late nights back to back we decided to let B sleep in and go to school late today. :) Can't believe its Monday morning already! I have a good amount of work to get done this week but I still think it will be relaxing. Kelly comes a week from tomorrow -can't wait! Christmas in 9 days?!! Hope everyone is getting their shopping done and allowing some time to kick up their heels! I just blogged this sweet family so head on over HERE to check it out! xo

December 13, 2013

artichoke lasagna

I'm trying a new recipe for dinner tonight -artichoke lasagna, I'll let you know how it goes. B has been making me INSANE lately with her attitude about dinner. She and asks if she can have something else for dinner EVEN BEFORE SHE TRIES WHAT I'VE MADE. I told Adam last night that he was going to have to have a sit down talk w/ her b/c I was on the verge of loosing my mind. And seriously, last night I made chicken enchiladas -the main ingredients were chicken and cheese WHAT I ask you is not to like?!!! Its not like I'm forcing liver and onions on the girl!! Anyhoo, dinner has lost its luster a bit for me lately, I'm only cooking for 2 other people and when one of them doesn't like 90% and complains constantly it makes me feel so defeated. Anyone else have these issues?! Just me?..... I'm jealous of folks whose kids just eat happily and w/out complaining...I know they exist, I've seen it. Sigh.

Sorry about that rant, last nigh was ROUGH. But really...I'm not done ranting. Do you remember when you were a kid and had the "polar express" come to your school at Christmas time? Your parents gave you money and you could buy gifts in the library at lunch for your family members? I asked B earlier in the week if this was something she was interested in to which she replied "I don't really care" and I said "okay!" So imagine my surprise when she starts CRYING at dinner last night b/c he wants to do it and I pointed out that she told me she didn't care!! I didn't have any cash on me and wasn't about to go out last night b/c she changed her mind. She insisted she didn't change her mind  - but rather that I clearly misunderstood her blatant "I don't care" answer. WHAT?!!! Oh Lord, help me with the teen years if this is the drama at 7! Like I said, last night was ROUGH.

Ay yi yi this parenthood stuff is no joke! Wanna see some cute parents with their kiddos? Then head on over HERE to check out another holiday mini session! xo

December 11, 2013


I'm a blogging fiend these days, no?!! Mi casa was SO FUN last night! We did our annual gift exchange and laughed so.hard. Its hilarious what folks come up with to give away and even more so, who ends up getting what! Love those guys, can't believe its our "last" Christmas Winn mi casa with this crew just as it is right now. SNIFF. One of my guys took an internship in Houston that starts in January and goes through March so saying goodbye to him last night was a bummer. They are all headed home for Christmas break shortly and another one of my guys graduates in 2 wks! How did this time go by so fast?! So crazy. Well, our new dishwasher is being delivered today and the dining room is almost complete! I still need to put out a few Christmas decorations and check a few more things off my to-do list and then we'll be good to go! Christmas is in TWO weeks!!!!!

Head on over HERE and check out this sweet girl! xo

December 10, 2013

sick day/paint day

B has a slight fever so we kept her home today. She seems in good spirits and she used her Target gift cards yesterday to buy a new "kitchen" for her dolls so she's happily playing in her room. We told her she was staying home today and she said "YESSSS!!!!" I think she's really under the weather...what do you think? ;) So, its a painting day for me! I've managed to stretch out this dining room project just about as long as possible! I have 1 more full coat to do so I'm gonna get after it today! My friend finished painting the dining room table yesterday and she did a GREAT job! I'm very pleased with it and think its such a nice change! Can't wait for that room to be done so I can put the ladder away and move on to my next project. :)

I've nearly finished my Christmas shopping (yesterday was productive!), got a few more things to do and then off to the post office! I always feel such a relief once those boxes have been shipped...then its relaxing time. I still can't believe Christmas is in TWO weeks! As a kid it seemed to take forever to come and as an adult there never seems to be enough time before its here! I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday, I'm gonna go paint and gear up for mi casa tonight! xo

December 9, 2013

this n' that

I made a yummy new dinner that you might want to try! It was my friend's birthday last week so I had a small dinner party to celebrate. It was lovely, we put B to bed, our friends came over at 7:30 and we had a candlelit dinner -just 6 adults chatting, eating, and enjoying each others company -great night! HERE is the recipe, super simple, you just gotta buy some serious cheese! I had enough ingredients left over to make a half recipe again the next night and I added a few alterations to give it more flavor and I liked it better night #2. I put garlic in the pasta and I rubbed a garlic clove in the individual ramekins (that last step I did on night 1 too). I also added some fresh cracked black pepper for a bit more flavor. I'm a sucker for garlic so pretty much anything is going to taste better to me after that addition. I also added a bit more of several of the cheeses to make up for the fact that I didn't have any whole mozzarella for night #2 and it made it thicker which I loved. Anyhoo, everyone loved it and its so simple -I'll call it a win! I also made THIS cheesey garlic bread and it was SO good.

Friday it was super cold and "snowed" a bit so we let B sleep in and took her to school late (mainly bc we were cozy and wanted to sleep in and have a chill morning). Adam didn't go to work b/c the roads were icy so we had a nice day together. :) It set the tone for our CHILL weekend. Saturday we cheered on Baylor to victory from our cozy couches (we did not envy our friends at that game -28 degrees!!), and then we were supposed to go to a Christmas party and as we were about to go we both thought "it sure would be nice to stay in and be warm and curl up on the couch with popcorn and a movie" so we did! The 3 of us watched Shrek and had a lovely evening at home. Sunday we went to church, out to lunch with friends and then spent the day at home...being cozy. Warmth and coziness was the theme for our weekend and we LOVED it. This is Adam's last week of school before break, we have our last mi casa of the semester tomorrow, and this week I have a meeting with a bride. Other than that, a quiet week around here and I'm thrilled about it! I feel like this is the first December maybe ever where I haven't felt like a crazy person running around and I'm loving it.

Sweet Kelly arrives in 15 days to spend Christmas with us so I'm counting down the days for that! The Ducks are headed to the Alamo Bowl so cousin Mike is getting all of us tickets and heading back to Texas and off we're going to San Antonio -WHO HOO!! Lots of fun things coming up, most importantly celebrating Jesus' birthday of course! :)

The dining room is still under construction, hopeful to get that wrapped up this week! So, pics still to come! I just blogged a holiday mini session so head on over HERE so check it out! Happy Monday, everyone! xo

December 5, 2013

inspired/uninspired - motivated/unmotivated

I don't know whats wrong with me -I feel like I'm caught in this weird place of being super motivated and inspired one minute and totally uninspired and unmotivated the next. Sigh. I look around my house and see chaos. I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas d├ęcor, its nice to change things up for a season and bring out pretty things that only make an appearance a short time out of the year, but the whole process of actually getting said items out of the attic, taking things down, re-arranging, putting new holes in the walls, etc. It makes me a bit nuts. Add to that our dining room being in total disarray due to my paint job and my dining room set being painted -its just all making me feel like the walls are closing in around me. Also, our dishwasher is broken and we're waiting for the new one to be installed so dishes stack up in the sink and then we do them, they dry on the counter -just more 'stuff' around making my OCD a bit off the charts. Hello first world problems! I know, I'm sure I sound ridiculous but if a girl can't vent on her own blog?....crickets...................

I'm determined to paint the rest of the dining room today, it will still need 1 more full coat but at least if it can all be the same color that should help my mental state. :) We FINALLY got our tree last night, I put the lights on this morning and B can decorate when she gets home from school. I wasn't thinking about my dining room being a disaster when I planned my little dinner party for tonight...oops. Its a friend's birthday so I'm having just a few folks over to celebrate. Not my best timing but...whatareyagonnado?

I think that's all of my ramblings for today. I'm planning to stay cozy for the rest of the week as the 75 degree day yesterday has turned into 30s for the rest of the week -BRRRR. Winter has come to Waco! I blogged another holiday mini session over HERE so check it out, yo! xo

December 3, 2013

back to normal we go!

Cousin Mike's flight was cancelled so he stayed another day! Its been super fun having him here, Adam is taking him to the airport as I type. After 2 weeks of Adam gone/Mike here, today is going to be "get back to normal life" day. I haven't gone to the store in ages it feels like, laundry is piled high, I have like 2 Christmas decorations out and no tree...I gots things to do! My friend is downstairs painting my dining room table/chairs as I type -yikes! I'm a tad nervous b/c it seems like a big deal to change something that's been that way for so long but I'm excited for a fresh new change! I'm not quite done painting the dining room but am hopeful to finish this week. Its so dark in there now, but I like it...its very moody and adds a nice pop of color in a smaller room. Can't wait to see it all done, of course I'll share pics!

We had a great time with Mike, we celebrated Thanksgiving which was so nice, at the last minute we hopped in the car and drove to Ft. Worth to watch the Baylor bears victory over TCU (sidenote: the neighborhood in which TCU resides has some of the most beautiful and charming houses I've ever seen!! Maybe Ft. Worth needs to be on my "I could live there" list?), and he helped us pick out and order a new dishwasher! Our dishwasher is plain TERRIBLE and I can.not.wait. for our new one to arrive! We also watched some movies and Mike took me on a date (its our annual tradition while Adam is at work). B said to me "Mom, isn't only daddy supposed to take you on a date?" Cutie. All in all a great time!

Well, I've got some much needed things to take care of so I'm gonna get on it, I FINALLY blogged B's birthday shoot so head over HERE to check out my sweet girl! Happy Tuesday! xo