December 13, 2013

artichoke lasagna

I'm trying a new recipe for dinner tonight -artichoke lasagna, I'll let you know how it goes. B has been making me INSANE lately with her attitude about dinner. She and asks if she can have something else for dinner EVEN BEFORE SHE TRIES WHAT I'VE MADE. I told Adam last night that he was going to have to have a sit down talk w/ her b/c I was on the verge of loosing my mind. And seriously, last night I made chicken enchiladas -the main ingredients were chicken and cheese WHAT I ask you is not to like?!!! Its not like I'm forcing liver and onions on the girl!! Anyhoo, dinner has lost its luster a bit for me lately, I'm only cooking for 2 other people and when one of them doesn't like 90% and complains constantly it makes me feel so defeated. Anyone else have these issues?! Just me?..... I'm jealous of folks whose kids just eat happily and w/out complaining...I know they exist, I've seen it. Sigh.

Sorry about that rant, last nigh was ROUGH. But really...I'm not done ranting. Do you remember when you were a kid and had the "polar express" come to your school at Christmas time? Your parents gave you money and you could buy gifts in the library at lunch for your family members? I asked B earlier in the week if this was something she was interested in to which she replied "I don't really care" and I said "okay!" So imagine my surprise when she starts CRYING at dinner last night b/c he wants to do it and I pointed out that she told me she didn't care!! I didn't have any cash on me and wasn't about to go out last night b/c she changed her mind. She insisted she didn't change her mind  - but rather that I clearly misunderstood her blatant "I don't care" answer. WHAT?!!! Oh Lord, help me with the teen years if this is the drama at 7! Like I said, last night was ROUGH.

Ay yi yi this parenthood stuff is no joke! Wanna see some cute parents with their kiddos? Then head on over HERE to check out another holiday mini session! xo


Anonymous said...

Tell her she can eat what you made for dinner or be hungry....I bet she'll eat it. :) Good luck with that, Mol!


Molly W. said...

Oh Rodent, I tell her ALL the time, she doesn't have to eat it, she can just not eat...she eventually does but its SO painful b/c she just says every 2 seconds "can I just eat this bite?" "Can I just have this part?" etc. etc.. makes dinner so MADENING to me. Sigh.

Kemi Winn said...

I remember those days. When she grows up she is going to love all of the amazing dishes you cook - you are a wonder full chef!