December 3, 2013

back to normal we go!

Cousin Mike's flight was cancelled so he stayed another day! Its been super fun having him here, Adam is taking him to the airport as I type. After 2 weeks of Adam gone/Mike here, today is going to be "get back to normal life" day. I haven't gone to the store in ages it feels like, laundry is piled high, I have like 2 Christmas decorations out and no tree...I gots things to do! My friend is downstairs painting my dining room table/chairs as I type -yikes! I'm a tad nervous b/c it seems like a big deal to change something that's been that way for so long but I'm excited for a fresh new change! I'm not quite done painting the dining room but am hopeful to finish this week. Its so dark in there now, but I like it...its very moody and adds a nice pop of color in a smaller room. Can't wait to see it all done, of course I'll share pics!

We had a great time with Mike, we celebrated Thanksgiving which was so nice, at the last minute we hopped in the car and drove to Ft. Worth to watch the Baylor bears victory over TCU (sidenote: the neighborhood in which TCU resides has some of the most beautiful and charming houses I've ever seen!! Maybe Ft. Worth needs to be on my "I could live there" list?), and he helped us pick out and order a new dishwasher! Our dishwasher is plain TERRIBLE and I can.not.wait. for our new one to arrive! We also watched some movies and Mike took me on a date (its our annual tradition while Adam is at work). B said to me "Mom, isn't only daddy supposed to take you on a date?" Cutie. All in all a great time!

Well, I've got some much needed things to take care of so I'm gonna get on it, I FINALLY blogged B's birthday shoot so head over HERE to check out my sweet girl! Happy Tuesday! xo


michael said...


Thanks again for another great "Marky Mark" Thanksgiving. You're an awesome host!

Kelly said...

Love that B! She's part of your accountability circle. :-)