December 18, 2013

I really should know better by now

I REALLY thought this week was gonna be somewhat chill and relaxing...WRONG. I really should know that after all this time, the week before Christmas will likely never be this way (no matter how caught up I feel). I feel like we've had something going on every night, and I've been staying up late and I'm tired! Fun things though, last night we had friends over and watched "Christmas Vacation" and stayed up late talking, drinking wine, and eating white chocolate pretzel popcorn -YUM! I love being an adult an "playing" on a school night. :) The night before some gals were over for our last Bible study of the semester which was basically drinking, eating, and chatting. Tis the season! Today I have a long list of to-dos that seems manageable but I need to get after it!

Well, in household news, I've been trying to get B to get hot lunch at her school for 2 years and she has refused, but after we discovered that she has been THROWING AWAY her sandwiches we made her buy lunch this week (and I emailed her teacher to make sure she was eating it!) and she has LOVED it! Her teacher said she ate it all so I think we're on to something! Woot! Adam talked to her about her attitude at dinner and she's been making improvements so I think we're onto something all around. :) This week we got her picture taken with Santa (my mom made me go until I was in college, I plan to let B off the hook her senior year ;) and this was the first year she didn't really care to do it - made me sad. She got all dressed up and was fine to go but she didn't really "want" to go and it hit me  -she's growing up too fast!! She's only 7!! I told her she only had to do it for 11 more years. :) :) :) The things our parents tortured us with that we in turn impose on our children...hehe. :)

I think that's all the news around here for now...thanks for checking in! Head on over HERE for this fun mini session out in the country! xo


Robin said...

She'll live through Santa pictures and grow up to love the memories.... and torture her own little ones. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not letting the tradition die! I cherish those pictures more than you'll ever know. And you know you and your sisters love to look back on them and make fun of each other:)