December 10, 2013

sick day/paint day

B has a slight fever so we kept her home today. She seems in good spirits and she used her Target gift cards yesterday to buy a new "kitchen" for her dolls so she's happily playing in her room. We told her she was staying home today and she said "YESSSS!!!!" I think she's really under the weather...what do you think? ;) So, its a painting day for me! I've managed to stretch out this dining room project just about as long as possible! I have 1 more full coat to do so I'm gonna get after it today! My friend finished painting the dining room table yesterday and she did a GREAT job! I'm very pleased with it and think its such a nice change! Can't wait for that room to be done so I can put the ladder away and move on to my next project. :)

I've nearly finished my Christmas shopping (yesterday was productive!), got a few more things to do and then off to the post office! I always feel such a relief once those boxes have been shipped...then its relaxing time. I still can't believe Christmas is in TWO weeks! As a kid it seemed to take forever to come and as an adult there never seems to be enough time before its here! I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday, I'm gonna go paint and gear up for mi casa tonight! xo


Anonymous said...

Want to see a pic when it's all done an put back together:) I'm sure it will be beautiful!

Robin said...

Love hearing what you're doing to get ready for Christmas. Hope B is feeling better by tomorrow, and that the ladder finally takes its rightful place somewhere other than the dining room!