December 9, 2013

this n' that

I made a yummy new dinner that you might want to try! It was my friend's birthday last week so I had a small dinner party to celebrate. It was lovely, we put B to bed, our friends came over at 7:30 and we had a candlelit dinner -just 6 adults chatting, eating, and enjoying each others company -great night! HERE is the recipe, super simple, you just gotta buy some serious cheese! I had enough ingredients left over to make a half recipe again the next night and I added a few alterations to give it more flavor and I liked it better night #2. I put garlic in the pasta and I rubbed a garlic clove in the individual ramekins (that last step I did on night 1 too). I also added some fresh cracked black pepper for a bit more flavor. I'm a sucker for garlic so pretty much anything is going to taste better to me after that addition. I also added a bit more of several of the cheeses to make up for the fact that I didn't have any whole mozzarella for night #2 and it made it thicker which I loved. Anyhoo, everyone loved it and its so simple -I'll call it a win! I also made THIS cheesey garlic bread and it was SO good.

Friday it was super cold and "snowed" a bit so we let B sleep in and took her to school late (mainly bc we were cozy and wanted to sleep in and have a chill morning). Adam didn't go to work b/c the roads were icy so we had a nice day together. :) It set the tone for our CHILL weekend. Saturday we cheered on Baylor to victory from our cozy couches (we did not envy our friends at that game -28 degrees!!), and then we were supposed to go to a Christmas party and as we were about to go we both thought "it sure would be nice to stay in and be warm and curl up on the couch with popcorn and a movie" so we did! The 3 of us watched Shrek and had a lovely evening at home. Sunday we went to church, out to lunch with friends and then spent the day at home...being cozy. Warmth and coziness was the theme for our weekend and we LOVED it. This is Adam's last week of school before break, we have our last mi casa of the semester tomorrow, and this week I have a meeting with a bride. Other than that, a quiet week around here and I'm thrilled about it! I feel like this is the first December maybe ever where I haven't felt like a crazy person running around and I'm loving it.

Sweet Kelly arrives in 15 days to spend Christmas with us so I'm counting down the days for that! The Ducks are headed to the Alamo Bowl so cousin Mike is getting all of us tickets and heading back to Texas and off we're going to San Antonio -WHO HOO!! Lots of fun things coming up, most importantly celebrating Jesus' birthday of course! :)

The dining room is still under construction, hopeful to get that wrapped up this week! So, pics still to come! I just blogged a holiday mini session so head on over HERE so check it out! Happy Monday, everyone! xo

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