January 21, 2014

chill 3 day weekend

We had a nice, chill 3 day weekend. We hung out with friends, lounged on the couch, ate pizza, went to the farmers market (finally!), I went to Dallas with a couple friends, etc. It was a nice weekend with little on the agenda which I think we all liked. Today is going to be a low key day, I have lots of editing to do, and I need to make dessert for mi casa tonight -that's about it. I'm thinking of going to a movie by myself this morning just b/c I can... we'll see. :) I just blogged some cute kiddos over HERE, check it out! xo

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Robin said...

These children's pictures are some of the best you've done, if you ask me. I like the interplay between the children and the way you showcased their relationship as well as their 'cuteness.'