January 24, 2014

Florence dropped the ball, sickness, and "snow"

Oh life, so funny all the little details that make up a day and the turns they can go. Poor Adam came down with a nasty stomach bug in the middle of the night 2 nights ago. He pretty much laid around all day yesterday but woke up this morning feeling much better -poor guy. I've been sanitizing everything he touches and sleeping in the guest room -so far B and I have avoided this nastiness! Sweet B, my girl is loosing teeth like crazy! She lost a tooth at school 2 days ago, put the tooth in her tooth fairy pillow and poor Florence the tooth fairy didn't make it!! YIKES! First time Florence has dropped the ball. I'm trying to cut her a little slack but it was heart breaking to see B wake up the next morning, eagerly check her pillow only to see that her tooth was still there...and then, she cried. Ay yi yi... #parentfail. Florence came last night though! Hooray! She only left $1.50 versus the $2 she typically leaves (Adam and I have deduced that due to her not coming the first night, she must be over loaded with kiddos loosing teeth and therefore is running low on cash -logical explanation right?!).

In other news, it "snowed" here in Texas yesterday...so, a 2 hour delayed start for B at school today and Adam's classes were cancelled! Who hoo!! Its so funny, there isn't any snow on the roads, and there is a light thin white layer on the grass but that's about it. Oh well, you know me, I'll use any reason to sleep in that I can get! (truth be told, I turned off the alarm when it went off before I realized school was delayed...I may or may not need a real reason :). Don't judge...its only first grade and on Fridays she has mass first thing and we're not even Catholic so, that's legit right?! :)

I'm glad Adam is on the mend today, he leaves next week for his second round of interviews so I'm glad this sickness is getting out of the way! While he's going to be gone I thought it was a great time to plan something special for me and my girl to do, just the two of us. So, I just booked a fancy hotel (for super cheap, thanks cheap tickets!) and made reservations for lunch at the American Girl Doll store in Dallas! You can't make "hair appointments" for the dolls in advance but I'm really hoping they can squeeze Kanani in, poor girl really needs some work done! B and I always hate it when daddy's gone but hopefully this will soften the blow. :)

I think that's all the news here for now. I gotta go get B ready for school, hooray for late starts! Have a great weekend, all! xo


Anonymous said...

So sorry Adam was sick - saw first hand how nasty that can be over Christmas! Will pray you and B remain healthy!
Excited for Adam's interviews - and how fun for you two to have a night out (you're right, Kanani does need some help!)
I remember Florence missing a time or two at our house - not sure we came up with as good excuse:)
Happy weekend!!!

Kemi Winn said...

I'm glad to hear Adam bounced back so quickly. There's some really nasty stuff out there. Poor Florence - sounds like she's swamped! Have fun in Dallas. You can't imagine how excited I am about the possibility of a new hairstyle for Kanani or maybe even new hair!

Praying for Adam's I interview.